September 14, 2003

Manhattan Bound Jed Train

I just got back from a quick trip to New York City to see my friend Anni in "Lost"; a critically acclaimed play filled with humor, puppets, a wampus cat, and of course, baby eating. (no really, there was baby eating.) The play has its sad story, though, as the girl who wrote all the music died of cancer just 4 weeks before opening night. The Today Show did a segment on Lost, and the story of the composer, Jessica Grace Wing, which you can watch if you click here. It's too late to see the show, however, as its last performance was this afternoon.

During the day today, Chris and I visited Rockefellar Center to see this...
reversed double helix - 0127.jpg
...which is the Reversed Double Helix by Takashi Murakami. I'm not really sure how, but it managed to be cute and happy, yet extremely creepy to the point at which I will have nightmares. It was very cool either way. Here is Chris imitating his favorite little creepy dude:
either sad or grumpy or sleepy.jpg

And here I am imitating my favorite little creepy dude:

And of course, Chris and I both saw something only us one track minded folk will ever notice. Thanks to two gigantic balloons hovering over the Rockefeller skating rink, and the gigantic NBC building, we came across the biggest fallacy in NY, which you can find here.

Of course, you can't go to NY and not see a parade.

Wait, what? On our way to the train station, we happened to come across some kind of multicultural parade, which basically consisted of country after country, marching along, doing the things their country does best- very weird rituals. There were a few belly dancers...
NY dancing chicks (small).jpg

...a really cool marching band
NY marching band (small).jpg

...a group of choreographed Japanese dancers
ny japanese dancing chicks (small).jpg

...and a crapload of other countries doing, like I said, very weird things.

All in all it was another successful trip to NY. And now to do MY countries ritual- watch TV and go to bed.

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