October 02, 2003

Mmmbut Coldheart!

Just a quick note about the sudden temperature change here in lower New England. Early last week I promised my friend Jay I'd wear shorts, for as long as he does, into the autumn season- a promise I made when the temperature was hanging in at about 70 degrees. What started as a promise has now become a 'gentleman's bet' of sorts; no money on the line, just the knowledge that if you fail, you're a pansy.

I just got a frost warning for tomorrow morning, with temperatures expected to be in the lower to mid 30's by daybreak.

Jed- "Frost warning tomorrow, still wearing shorts?"
Jay- "30 degrees? That's not so bad...I went to November last year"

Luckily I can handle the cold much better than the grueling heat...

Also, we got out to the trail again last night, and I brought the camera along. I'll be posting those pics, along with the pictures from our all day eating challenge at the Maryland Renaissance Festival within the next few days, so stay tuned!


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