January 12, 2004

Challenging Challenges

I underestimated the value of the fork. This weekend, while spending some time in New York City with Chef Monkeywerks, NYC's next big star, and my favorite world traveler, I used a fork and didn't even realize it until Karen reminded me a good 3 hours later.

"You used a fork tonight!" she shouted out of nowhere. The pure shock value took over my body, and I went through the five stages of grief in about 8 seconds.

Denial: "No I didn't, when?! When did I use a fork!"
Anger: "I never used a fork, you can't prove anything!"
Bargaining: "Ok, what if I use a knife to eat peas, will that cancel out the fork?"
Depression: "Stupid fork, stupid everything... I'm so stupid"
Acceptance: "Well, life goes on. I can't believe I used a fork."

It was my first defeat, and I didn't take it lightly.

I am not taking it off the list, though. I am simply going to continue on and try harder in the future, which will prove to be difficult, as using a fork has become so automatic.

Also, I have a couple more additions to the melee.

1) Write a haiku everyday
2) This one is a secret, but let me just tell you I couldn't turn it down

With that said, I will leave you with this:

The melee is tough
But I refuse to give in
I like to drink pee.


Posted by jed at January 12, 2004 10:37 AM

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