March 09, 2004

Pics Of The Day

Today, temperatures rose well into the 60's, peaking at around 65°, which meant Andy, Karen and I had no choice but to venture into the city. We made the usual trek down to the space needle and Seattle Center, walked our way to Pike Place Market (since the monorail was closed for the day), and eventually met Chase for some sushi and a movie.

As usual, I brought along the camera... so without further adieu, here are your pics of the day.

Apples: Karen took this at Pike Place Market.

Altoids: For some reason, I thought this was really funny.

Needle: This was my daily attempt at being artistic.

Twitsed: We went to see Starsky and Hutch, but look at how they spelled 'Twisted.' What an ironic movie title to 'twist,' heh heh heh...


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