March 14, 2004

The Beach

The weekend came and went (not that it really matters anymore), but the gang and I took advantage of at least one nice day, and headed into discovery park shortly after rising out of our slumber Saturday morning, at the early hour of 2:00 p.m. (That's 5:00 p.m. to you east coast folk).

Regardless of the late start, we had a nice time taking in a bit of sunlight, a good little hike, and enjoyed a really beautiful sunset over the water and behind the mountains. Of course, I brought along the camera, so get your glasses ready, put your coffee in hand, and prepare to take in our afternoon outdoors.

Aah, but before I give you the link, I have a few comments:

-My computer monitor recently crapped out, so updates might become a bit rare until I remedy the issue, which should be within just a couple of weeks.

-When viewing the photos, you might need to adjust the size of your window. By doing this, you'll see arrows for easy browsing of the pictures, as well as comments/explanations for every picture. I neglected to mention this for the previous groups of photo's I've posted, and I know some of you missed them.

Anyway, here is yet another group of pictures, for your viewing pleasure-

The Beach: Come explore nature with us as we venture into the great outdoors.


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