April 07, 2004

Driving and Owen

We just flew back to Seattle, and boy are my arms tired!

But seriously folks, my arms are tired, as is the rest of my body. It was another long drive across the country, ending with what seemed like a flight around the world three times, but my favorite world traveler and I made it back to Bellevue Ave safe and sound, and ready to sleep. All in all, the trip was fun, though, as we got to see many people, and spend some time with family before we head off to Osaka in May.

Also in our travels, we made a pit stop in Baltimore, Maryland, to visit my sister Carrie, her husband Sean, and my new nephew Owen. Of course, we brought the camera, and took a whole bunch of pictures which have been divided into two glorious catagories:

Cross Country... Again: Take a look at the adventures Karen and I had driving back East, including a random Starbucks, an incredibly well bahaved kitty, and what I'm certain was some form of tornado.

Owen Patrick Gahagan: See my nephew taking after his uncle, and doing what he does best... a whole lot of nothing.

More pictures of Owen can be found by visiting Carrie's site, Hey!


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