April 20, 2004

What Noise Does A Chicken Make?

Karen and I went off to a Seattle Mariners game last night. Ball games are always a blast, especially when the field is within walking distance. We saw the Mariners battle the Oakland A's in a 14 inning brawl that ended any good baseball game should... completely unexpectedly. The following pictures will show this surprise ending in all it's glory.

Also worth mentioning, early in the night Karen asked 'what happens if there's a 14th inning? Do they have a second 7th inning stretch?'

Well our question was answered, as they did, in fact, have a 14th inning stretch. They also had a 13th inning jig, which we danced our hearts out to, but didn't make it on the big screen (the little girl in ther row directly behind us did, though)

Anyway, only a few pics here, but take a look:

Seattle Mariners: For 10 bucks a ticket, how can you not love it.


Posted by jed at April 20, 2004 03:57 PM

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