June 13, 2004

All Aboard!

Yaaaar me swabs!

Ye Admiral and his first mate are about to set sail on a vast journey across this great world of ours. Our ship be ready fer a long and arduous trail, but alas, we will arive safely on the other side of the world, ready fer whatever be thrown at us.

Ye ship is equipped with a photo-takin machiney, and ye Admiral will be sure to post many a'photo's once things start to calm down, so be sure to be keepin' an eye out on the Poop Deck. It may be a lengthy time; one week, two weeks, or maybe even longer, but ye Poop Deck will be returnin', and I will continue to babble from across the world as any good Admiral should.

The ship sets sail fer Seattle, Wa, bright an early on the morrow, where it will dock fer food, rest, and a bit a'good ol' leisurely time before movin' out Wed a.m. for the long haul to Osaka, Japan.

Until then me swabs, pillage and plunder!


Posted by jed at June 13, 2004 02:32 AM

Alas? Were you hoping for chaos and disaray?

I was.

Posted by: Chuck at June 14, 2004 03:31 PM

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