June 26, 2004


Well, we made it to the one week mark. It`s pretty crazy to think that a week ago from today I was lost, confused, nervous... and today I sit comfortably in one of many internet cafe`s as if I`ve been here for months. The initial shock is finally starting to wear down, and things are becoming pretty familiar, and dare I say `fun.`

(Cover your eyes mom, you might not like this) Yes, it`s true, I am loving my time here so far. Everyday gets easier and easier, and I can`t help but look at the progress I`ve (we`ve) made in just one week. We live a good distance away from work, so a long commute might be helping to push our learning curve up a few notches; we have friends here, who are giving pointers, tips, and taking us around; and we`ve been meeting some wonderful new people who are going through the same things we are. It`s a great experience... and I haven`t even mentioned the job yet-

The first day can be summed up in one word: overwhelming.
The second day: stressful
The third day: stressful and overwhelming.

But one thing is consistent through all of them. Now having officially ended my initial training, I am beginning to understand just how much I have learned in just three days of training. I can now sit in front of Japanese students of all ages and abilities for 40 minutes a few times a day (sometimes with only 10 minute breaks), and if nothing else, know that they are leaving having learned at least one new thing. It`s pretty remarkable seeing as one week ago、I couldn`t imagine myself doing what I observed in the multi-media teaching rooms after one month, let alone 3 days. (this isn`t a pat on my own back by the way, it`s a pat on the back of my trainers)

Speaking of the multi-media rooms, the building we work in is incredible. We work anywhere between the 13th and 16th floor of one of (if not the) tallest buildings in Osaka. I have pictures of the view(s) we have everyday we go to work... it`s so awesome.

(ok mom, open your eyes) The only `problems` we seem to be having so far is getting an internet connection in our apartment. Like I said, internet cafe`s are everywhere, but after work it`s sometimes nice to go right home. We work the early shift, at 7:30, which means we have to be at work by 7:15 or so, and factor in an hour long commute (15 minute walk to the subway, 30 minutes on the subway, 15 minute walk to work from the subway) Basically, it means we have to wake up very, very early. (It`s nice getting out at 3, though.) But what all this means is that without internet, and with a huge time difference, contacting family and friends is seemingly impossible. But just hold tight for a little while longer... once we get our internet connection, things will be much easier.

Oh, and speaking of the commute, the walk from the subway to work is all underground, through a place called the Namba Walk. Our walk to and from work includes bakeries, clothing stores, resturants... a whole bunch of things, with no rain or hot weather to worry about. It`s quite the walk.

Ok, I must now depart before I ramble on and on, which I am beginning to do... I keep forgetting I`m paying by the hour here. I just wanted to send the message that all aspects of Japan are really good so far, and hopefully I`ll be able to post some pictures soon... I already have some photo projects, including pictures of all the American corporations that have seeped into Japan (i.e.- Starbucks, McDonalds, Baskin Robbins... even Seattle`s Best)

Till next time...


Posted by jed at June 26, 2004 05:32 PM

Well ... this seems to be the only way I can send you a "shout out" for the time being - Teaching is a pretty cool career, huh?! Can't wait to see the pics ~ Give Karen a big ole hug for me ...
Til you have internet,
Cheers - Beckie
(and watch your head)

Posted by: Beckie at June 28, 2004 10:47 PM

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