July 01, 2004

New Counter

Back in the internet cafe. Part of me kind of likes it; it`s very comfortable ;with it`s big comfy chairs, private booths, free soda. However, it smells horribly like cigarette smoke (smoking is allowed everywhere here... literally, everywhere), it costs money per hour, it`s not available from my home 24/7, and the keyboard transforms into Japanese way too easily. But, it get`s the job done and the word out for now, so I guess that`s all that matters.

This time, though, I`m going to keep it short. The last entry took me nearly the full hour here, and it left only a few minutes to send out email to my family. So, more stories will come soon, but just know that it`s still going extremely well here.

I did want to point out a new feature Ye Olde Poopdeck, though. Now that I have migrated out of Seattle for the time being, and away from Mad Cow Disease, a new threat has shown it`s face. It`s something I knew would have my number from the start, and it seems to have taken full advantage.

That`s right folks, the newest threat I have to face is none other than....

Low doorways!

It is true, since I`ve been here I have whacked my head a countless amount of times.

Actually, I have counted... so far it`s been 3. But those 3 times have been horrible.

Now, I won`t be counting the times I rub my head, come close to hitting my head, or lightly bumping. I will only be counting the times that I actually shout out in pain (or bite my tongue as if nothing has happened) and keeping track on the sidebar of the Poopdeck. It`s been 2 weeks, and it`s already at 3. It may not seem like a lot, but trust me... it`s 3 times too many.

Before the babble continues I must depart. Internet research is beginning, so hopefully.... soon, we will have permanent access.

Till next time,


Posted by jed at July 1, 2004 04:58 PM

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