July 15, 2004

Questions Answered

The questions I am referring to are that of my own and Karen`s, along with Carrie`s question of the day. First and foremost, the question of internet has been answered... we hope.

After missed calls, miscommunication, and misinterpretations, we finally have an install date for internet. This coming Tuesday afternoon, July 20th, at 3 p.m. Osaka time, we have a scheduled installation date for the beauty that is permanent internet access from home.

Pictures, updates, instant messanging... all at the palm of our hands.

Secondly, I`d like to make note of my sister Carrie`s plan to ask one question with each post... or one question whenever she feels like it... or one question a day... (I`ll have to ask her more specifics on that one) Anywho, her first question is as follows:

`rice?!? is that all you're eating? do you cook at home or eat out?`

Good question, Carrie.

Yes, I do eat a lot of rice. A whole lot of rice. In fact, I`d be willing to say that I eat much more rice than I ever intended to eat. A day without rice is like a day without sunshine... something feels wrong. Do I miss the sun when it doesn`t come out? Yes, sometimes... but sometimes it`s nice to have a change.

To put it very simply, if rice were the sun, it`s been shining brightly since the day we landed in Japan a month ago. But I will admit that I don`t have any sympathy for those `poor` Survivor folks. Oh no, because rice is tasty. Rice fills you up. I have yet to get really sick of rice, and if the sunshine of rice ever ended, I would not only be sad to see it go, but I`d probably die as a result of it.

Don`t get me wrong, though. Indeed it`s true, there is a lot of good food out here. A lot! But the problem is figuring out which is what, and where to get it. The fact remains that rice is rice, it`s always a guaruntee. Mystery meat is tatsy, sure, but it`s still a mystery.

Think I`m crazy? You wouldn`t think so after you picked up a nice, sugar coated donut, expecting a sweet treat after lunch, only to take one huge bite to discover the mystery center, usually frosting or creme, and instead find a huge lump of bean paste.

They`re food is good... but man, they are really strange with it sometimes.

Anyway I completely lost track of what I was talking about. Oh, right... I usually buy the rice as we have not yet purchased a rice cooker, or gohan cooker as we now call it. (gohan means rice, and that`s all I know.) We do eat other food, but a lot of it centralized around rice. Like I said, I really like it because it fills me up; food portions here are not typically created to satisfy those of us who are 6`5, 200 lbs.

Well my hour is up here, at what could be... hopefully will be... our last visit to the beautiful Star Cafe. It really is nice, and it will be missed...

Till next time,


Posted by jed at July 15, 2004 05:06 PM

want more info? check out the comments in the last post, Karen wrote some extra notes for you to ponder...

Posted by: jed at July 15, 2004 05:16 PM

so... have you discovered a favorite japanese snack food? i am guessing it is not bean curd pop tarts. mine is pocky, though i must admit i don't have too much experience with japanese snack food. (this is the last food related question for now...)

Posted by: your sistah c at July 20, 2004 03:51 AM

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