September 06, 2004

For Goodness Quake

What's weirder than experiencing your first earthquake? How about experiencing your second eathquake while standing in the shower.

Back in CT, earthquakes were always thought of (in my mind, anyway) as something that happens very far away, something that seemed pretty improbable, and something that only happens in movies or TV (like on Saved By The Bell when Mr. Beldings pregnant wife was stuck in the elevator during a huge earthquake, and Zack had to deliver her baby...). So, when the earth began to shake here in Osaka this evening, a few things immediatley came to mind...

1. Locate TV remote
2. Put my computer game on pause.
3. Find pants

All in all it was pretty anticlimactic. This isn't to say I was hoping for, or even expecting devastation. Instead, it left me with a feeling of relief, and I can say it was actually mildly entertaining, and not quite as scary as I had learned.

However, the tremmors were not through with this poor little island quite yet. Five hours later, as I was just starting to relax under a stream of hot water, the earthquake returned. This time, not only did I need to find pants, but I was also dripping wet.

Touche, earthquake... touche.

Furthermore, with these earthquakes comes yet another very interesting weather related term, found only in Japan. Now that the tremmors have happened, they are expecting Tsunami's to make their grand enterance. Much like the word earthquake, I have associated Tsunami with something much bigger; a 50 story wave that can cover an entire country, i.e. Japan. However, the news is broadcasting "tsunami's to strike that could be up to 50cm high," which equals...hmm... about 1.64041995 feet.

Under two feet? A tsunami can be less than two feet high? Now that's what I call some serious typhoonery.

So, what have I learned from tonights festivities? Well, that's simple...

-Tsunami is a cool word, but don't believe the hype.
-The only purpose of earthquakes is to frustrate and annoy.
-If you want to avoid having earthquakes altogether, just put pants on.

Till next time...


Posted by jed at September 6, 2004 01:56 AM

Let me be the first to comment on this....comment. Thank you. Sorry, forgot something....?!, ?!, ?!. OK, all typhoonery aside this is quite a story. Earthquakes, tsunamis...what's next? An avalanche? A little Fuji suprise? You know, all of these sound like DQ ice cream treats....anyway, if the situation arises again have a bit more fun with it and ride the ferris wheel. While your at it see if the Joe Cocker theory works, "leave your hat on". Forget the pants. If that works than get ready to deal with North Korea with these newly found talents.

Posted by: Joe D at September 6, 2004 11:32 AM

The first thing you need to think of is, MY DAUGHTER!!! :) Forget the pants! :)

Posted by: Mom A at September 7, 2004 01:11 AM

She is right.

There is nothing that should take priority over that talented, beautiful, amazing, intelligent, joy of a woman.

Posted by: A Concerned Citizen at September 7, 2004 01:22 AM

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