November 25, 2004


Since turkey is nearly impossible to find in this country, not to mention our lack of an oven, this years Thanksgiving called for some improvising. The feast this year included:

Sushi- Tuna Roll (8 pcs)
Chicken- Had some good sauce on it, and was, like most things here, fried
Noodles With Broth (Jed)- Tasty stuff, I eat it almost everyday
Tomato Soup and Noodles (Karen)- She took the noodles out after 3 bites

So maybe it wasn't the most authentic meal, but it got the job done. We had some excellent decorations to help set the mood, and I'm certain it will find a place as the most... interesting... Thanksgiving we've ever had. Take a look for yourself!


Posted by jed at November 25, 2004 07:37 PM

They say that in Japan the presentation of the food is most important. They also say that the one who touches the top of Fuji will feel that they are on top of the mountain....anyway, that is a NICE spread! Wow, looks just like an apartment decorated in Western style but in cool. Is this thing on? Anyone laughing yet?

Posted by: Joe at November 27, 2004 06:21 AM

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