August 06, 2005

Go Go Kyoto

As our time in Japan is rapidly coming to an end, my favorite world traveler and I are keeping ourselves busy and enjoying this country while work isn't poisoning the experience. Our most recent adventure took us back to Kyoto, probably one of the most well-known cities in Japan.

Our first attempt was not so successful. It was so uneventful, in fact, that the Poopdeck made very little mention of it. We arrived late, got lost, gave up easily... blah blah blah...

This time, however, with a bit more experience under our belt (and a lot more time to prepare) we accomplished everything we set out to do. Sure, "everything" consisted of just two things... but let me tell you, these two things are very far away from each other, and it was incredibly hot and humid.

But enough babble, check it out for yourself! It's kind of a small photo gallery this time, but there are only so many pictures of bamboo and temples you can look at in one sitting.

Kyoto, Japan: You can wear a kimono, ride a kimodo, or meet Quasimodo! Dance a go-go? Feeling just so-so? Keep it on the down low? Oh I don't know... enjoy Kyoto!

Posted by jed at August 6, 2005 11:48 PM

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