August 09, 2005

Food Glorious Food

With just a few hours to go before we catch our flight to Maui, I leave you with this final post from Japan. It's probably the best way to sum up our last week here, and will certainly be something we miss. Of course, I am talking about food.

Now, it might be known that Japan has some strange food, and for the most part it has been very difficult to eat a satisfying meal. However, with a week off and nothing to do, it gave us the chance to go to those special places we love so much, and eat the food that is just not found (or likely not the same) back home in America.

Chef Monkeywerks, this post is for you...

Food!: Since we have to leave in a few hours and have lots of packing and cleaning to do, the descriptions are cut short and replaced with links. When it comes to food, though, I guess pictures are all you really need. Bon Appetit!

Yaaar, Ye ship be settin' sail. See yar in America in half a fortnight! Yaar!

Posted by jed at August 9, 2005 02:47 PM

Just so everyone is aware.....I was totally putting on a face while eating that chicken wing.

Also, I packed all my clothes so I am wearing the same thing in a lot of the pics. Yes, it was clean and no, we didn't eat all that food in one day.

I really was making that face on purpose.....I swear.

Posted by: Karen at August 9, 2005 03:26 PM

Boy... why is Karen making that face?

And why is she wearing the same thing in every picture, is it clean? did you eat all that food in one day?

Posted by: marc is the greatest who has ever lived - but also a jerk at August 11, 2005 01:57 AM

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