February 04, 2007

Friday Weigh In #4

Here we go again.....

Jed Scattergood - 222.5 = 5% Change (-10.8 lbs.) To Date, -.5 This Week
Karen Arcelaschi - 153 = 4% Change (-6 lbs.) To Date, -0 This Week
Chuck Carlin - 163.5 = 3% Change (-4.5 lbs.) To Date, -1.5 This Week
Lauren Cerretani - 152 = 4% Change (-6 lbs.) To Date, +.5 This Week
Joe Doherty - 209 = 3% Change (-6 lbs.) To Date, +1 This Week
Chris Wallace - 192.5 = 0% Change (-2 lbs.) To Date, -0 This Week
Beckie Wallace - 136 = 3% Change (-4 lbs.) To Date, -0 This Week
Jessica Palazzo - 163 = 2% Change (-4 lbs.) To Date, +2 This Week
Andy Davis - 178 = 1% Change (-2 lbs.) To Date, 0 This Week

Smaller numbers this week, but that's to be expected. I have a feeling it'll be awhile before we see anything drastic, as we've all probably leveled off for the time being. Here's to Chuck for losing the largest amount this week, dropping 1.5 more pounds! However, I still hold the overall lead with a 5% change in body weight since January 2nd. (This weekend has not been very healthy though.... pizza and two birthday cakes could bump me in the wrong direction... not mention Superbowl snacks this afternoon.)

Don't get discouraged, keep it up! Everyone is doing a fantastic job so far, so let's see what we're made of!


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