August 01, 2008


I for one am happy about this.

For those who haven't heard, Manny Ramirez has (finally) been traded to the LA Dodgers, in what will go down as one of the most memorable roster changes in baseball history. In exchange, the Sox pick up Jason Bay from the Pirates, and lose Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen.

While this trade cost the Red Sox millions, and cost them a pretty big bat, I think this was well past due. Manny just got way too out of control, and always has been. He appeared to clean up his act the past couple of years, but he's always been the same Manny. (I hate the expression 'Manny being Manny' by the way... I can't wait to stop hearing that.)

Sure, Manny can hit home runs, but so can David Ortiz and JD Drew. Furthermore, the other sluggers on the team aren't a total embarrassment. I'm not exactly Mr. Fashion, but the game of baseball does need boundaries when it comes to attire and how you present yourself. If I can admit one thing the Yankees do better, it's that they have some sort of dress code. Manny would never be a Yankee for that very reason.

The most important thing to consider out of all of this though was his attitude. Manny's arrogance and cockiness came to a head over the past weeks, and he was back to being the Manny of old. I will forever remember Manny rolling on the ground in left field a few weeks ago, allowing for the hitter to get around to third base for a triple. A triple!! A triple on a ball hit to short LEFT field?!! That is just ludicrous!

Anyway, I had my fingers crossed yesterday as the 4:00 trade deadline approached. I watched the news and accepted their story that all deals were off, until about 4:15 when the first buzz that he had been traded came through. That was the happiest moment of the 2008 baseball season for me, and a moment in Red Sox history I have long been waiting for.


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