September 26, 2003

Up, Up, and Away

Tonight I take a trip out to Laurel, Maryland, to visit my sister Carrie for the weekend. Laurel is located smack in the middle of Baltimore and Washington D.C., probably about a 30 minute ride each way. Of course, the recent hurricane, Isabel, did a number on the lower east coast, and I think they were without power for 3 or 4 days. Here are a few pics of the city of Baltimore completely flooded.

The ironic part of it all, one of the only reasons we were going to visit Baltimore was to go to the aquarium; a building filled with a bunch of water tanks. So then, we'd go to a flooded city, into a dry building, that is filled with water. A little too ironic? Yeah I really do think...

There is also a renaissance festival going on this weekend. Seeing as Chuck is coming along for the ride, it means we get to dare him to eat anything we can find. I always have fun doing that, because he pretty much will eat anything, to the point at which he can no longer move. It's great fun, and a renaissance festival is an excellent place to put him to the test.

And Chase, I think you'll be very glad to know that our method of transportation to the Baltimore/D.C. area is none other than Southwest Airlines- that's right, we're flying the friendly SWA.

Till Monday...

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September 24, 2003

With Autumn, Comes Fall

Today is Wednesday, which means running day. I have a feeling our trips to the trails might be nearing an end, as the sun sets earlier and earlier everyday. I heard on the news we lose something like 2 minutes a day as of early September, and I noticed last night it was completely dark by about 7:30. (uh-oh, here comes a word problem.) Seeing as we don't even get out of work until 5:00, and we don't get on the trail until about 5:45, it leaves very little time to squeeze in 5 miles of running (not a place I want to navigate in the darkness). Typically we cross the 'finish line' at about 6:40, so we should be good for at least one more day.

The trails (we start on Jesse Gerard, continue to Agnes Bowen) are a lot fun, though, and I'm going to miss going there during the winter. The brutal first climb is so exhausting, it makes the actual trail running feel like a midday nap on the couch. It's all worth it, though, and it paves the way for an excellent nights sleep. Furthermore, today should be extra inspiring, as the leaves are beginning to change, and colors start bursting from every tree limb.

I've made it all summer without seriously hurting myself, so I hope on this, my possible last day, I don't follow the seasons lead and 'fall.'


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September 22, 2003

Somebody Save Em-ME!

Last night I slept better than I have for awhile. Why? It's simple...the Emmy's were on. Of course, I realize the hypocrisy in mocking the Emmy's, even though I sat through and watched the entire show. But I just can't imagine anyone at home really cares who wins best comedy show, or who is the best actor. Just because Debra Messing won best actress in a comedy does not mean I'm going to watch Will and Grace, and just because Six Feet Under lost everything doesn't mean it's not as good as the other shows. My point is, award shows (especially publicly televised award shows) are nothing but ego boosters for people who already overdosed on ego and need more ego in their system before it wears off.

It did have it's good points, though. Bill Cosby receiving his award was the epitome of how these awards should be accepted. I don't think he once mentioned himself, or the fact that 'he won.' Instead he mentioned his wife, his son, and paid homage to Mr. Rogers. Really, it was a class act. Also, the dude from Monk (which I've never seen- I know him from Wings as the taxi driver) gave a very emotional speech about the loss of his nephew, and seemed to take the oppertunity on stage to address that, completely ignoring that he 'won.' To see those two express pure emotion and thought, along with the (sub-par, coulda been better) tribute to John Ritter, it was almost worth sitting through the 2 hours of crap that preceeded it.

But I ask again...if it's so horrible, why do we (I) still watch these shows? I really have no answer. I don't know why I sit there and mock it instead of changing the channel. I'm unsure why I laugh at the people who lose, while laughing more at those who win. I watch maybe 2% of the shows nominated (and that's being generous), so it's not like I even have a slight attatchment to these people.

If I were to take a guess, I'd assume I like it for the same reason I like 'reality' TV; there's always the chance for something to go wrong. Or maybe it's the one chance to see these people without a script, to realize they are real people, and maybe they'll screw something up.

Well whatever the reason, I'm sure I'll be sitting right there in front of the TV for the next big awards show, asking myself these same questions, to which I can just say one thing...


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September 18, 2003

Pirates Ahead!

Well this is it, the day I've been waiting for since last May. Survivor VII hit's the open seas tonight, starting what will hopefully be a wonderful few months of talking, acting, and sometimes dressing like a pirate. If that's not enough, tomorrow is 'talk like a pirate' day; another event which I've been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.

On another note, I have a completed trailer for my upcoming movie, "High Voltage," which is set to be completed in November. It's probably too large (40MB) to put online, but I'd be more than happy to send it out via AIM or whatever.

Either way, keep an eye out, this is set to be my biggest project to date. That's right, no more 4 or 5 minute movies....this will be a big fat 20!

...maybe 15...


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September 16, 2003

What The Deuce?

I received the latest DVD set from the Family Guy in the mail yesterday, and much like the first set, I can't tear myself away. I made it through season's one and two (4 DVD set) in the course of three days, so I plan to be through season three (3 DVD set) by Thursday (just in time for the hurricane which will render me indoors, whereas it's going to beautiful for the next two days). It is well worth it, though. Family Guy is without a doubt the funniest show on television, next to Futurama (which I, coincidentally, just finished watching the season 2 DVD set at a similar pace). Even more of a coincidence, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network shows Family Guy followed by Futurama every Monday-Thursday at 11 and 11:30 p.m. One can assume, then, that I have not been asleep before midnight for quite some time. Both of these shows, without fail, make me laugh out loud on the average of every two minutes. I'm not talking a slight giggle, or a mild chuckle...I mean an all out, straight from the belly guffaw. I never thought I'd say it, but the Simpsons could learn a valuable lesson from both. Now that the morons at Fox have cancelled these flawless shows, maybe the Simpsons can at least reclaim the writers who left for Futurama in the first place, thus beginning the shows demise.

In any event, go buy the DVD's. I promise, you won't be disappointed. (wow, that sounds like a bad public service announcement)

*The more you know*

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September 14, 2003

Manhattan Bound Jed Train

I just got back from a quick trip to New York City to see my friend Anni in "Lost"; a critically acclaimed play filled with humor, puppets, a wampus cat, and of course, baby eating. (no really, there was baby eating.) The play has its sad story, though, as the girl who wrote all the music died of cancer just 4 weeks before opening night. The Today Show did a segment on Lost, and the story of the composer, Jessica Grace Wing, which you can watch if you click here. It's too late to see the show, however, as its last performance was this afternoon.

During the day today, Chris and I visited Rockefellar Center to see this...
reversed double helix - 0127.jpg
...which is the Reversed Double Helix by Takashi Murakami. I'm not really sure how, but it managed to be cute and happy, yet extremely creepy to the point at which I will have nightmares. It was very cool either way. Here is Chris imitating his favorite little creepy dude:
either sad or grumpy or sleepy.jpg

And here I am imitating my favorite little creepy dude:

And of course, Chris and I both saw something only us one track minded folk will ever notice. Thanks to two gigantic balloons hovering over the Rockefeller skating rink, and the gigantic NBC building, we came across the biggest fallacy in NY, which you can find here.

Of course, you can't go to NY and not see a parade.

Wait, what? On our way to the train station, we happened to come across some kind of multicultural parade, which basically consisted of country after country, marching along, doing the things their country does best- very weird rituals. There were a few belly dancers...
NY dancing chicks (small).jpg

...a really cool marching band
NY marching band (small).jpg

...a group of choreographed Japanese dancers
ny japanese dancing chicks (small).jpg

...and a crapload of other countries doing, like I said, very weird things.

All in all it was another successful trip to NY. And now to do MY countries ritual- watch TV and go to bed.

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September 12, 2003

More Music Fun

Last week I happened to come across a band by the name of Rilo Kiley. I had never heard of them, but decided to check it out just for the heck of it.

I am very glad I did.

From the moment I, aquired....the album, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. Their website is cool, too, so check it out. They have a couple full length songs on there you can listen to and hopefully enjoy as much as I did (find them listed under 'music'.)

Coincidentally, the lead singer tours with the Postal Service whom I love, and didn't realize she was the female voice for. Word has it the Postal Service are currently in the Seattle area, so any of those out that way might want to check them out. They're probably sans Jenny Lewis, however, because I think Rilo Kiley is presently doing a tour in Europe. Either way, check them both out if you haven't already, I promise it'll be well worth it.

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September 10, 2003

Unexpected Musicology: 101

I was watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on one of my many unnecessary movie channels, and I heard a song that sounded strangely familiar. It struck me as odd, because it was a song I knew I had recently heard, and didn't expect to hear it in a movie from a few years ago. I checked the soundtrack listing on Amazon, but nothing seemed familiar. So, I went into my music folder, chose a band, clicked on a song, and alas, I found it. To my surprise, it was the New Pornographers. Granted, the movie isn't that old (2 years), but I was under the impression they were a relatively new band. Obviously, I was proven wrong. Chase and I had a chance to see them a short time ago at Bumbershoot, and while they weren't 'bad,' per se, they most certainly weren't anything special. I don't know why, but they didn't seem to have the energy, or the excitment that a band really needs to have in order to perform live. And, though the lead singer chick was very attractive (yes I'm shallow), she came across as kind of snobbish and stuck up, and I immediately began to lose interest. Don't get me wrong, though, their music is awesome- and she really was hot...but if you want to hear the music, just put in the cd, because a live show won't prove to be much different. But, you never know, maybe they were just tired...or something.

As for the music in film aspect of this babble, this kind of thing has happened to me before. I had discovered Pete Yorn about a year ago, and just assumed no one had ever really heard of him. A few weeks after listening to his album, I watched Me, Myself, and Irene, only to find that one of his songs (Strange Condition) was in that movie, too.

So then, what does all this mean? Well, it's really quite simple...I need to pay a lot more attention when I watch movie's.

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September 09, 2003

Saved By The Optimist

Zack Morris said it best- "Hey, I like school...too bad classes get in the way." That's kind of my feeling about work. The only things that keep me going through the day are the constant remarks, the flagrant insults on one another, and the sheer tomfoolery around the workplace. In what is supposed to be a 'serious work environment,' my co-workers and I have a wonderful time trying to contradict that. This morning I decided to write just a few of the comments I laughed outloud at, and I realized just how fun work can be if you make work fun.

(As a quick background note, I share an office with 'Mike' and 'Jay.' 'Mike' is technically our boss, 'Jay' is my counterpart. Any other persons mentioned are from other departments in the building. Keep in mind, 'Mike' is our boss.)

-Jay and I are working quietly, Jay is minding his own business:
Mike to Jay(in a soft voice): "Y'know, I've been thinkin...(begins to stretch)...I really don't like you."

-Jay makes a wise comment towards me:
Mike to Jay: "5 bucks says you can't take him out"

-We have had flies in our office for a few days now, they won't leave. Jay and I took the screen out of the window, because Mike continuously complains about them. Of course, we left the screen on top of Mike's desk:
Mike walks in: "What's up with the screen!"
Jay: "You said you wanted to get rid of the flies, so we're gettin' rid of the flies!"
Mike: "Yeah, and letting more in!"
Jay: "Well close your mouth, take a shower, and maybe they'll stop coming after you!"
I'm not sure why, but that shut Mike right up.

-Jay and I are counting some inventory in the warehouse. Jay is leaning over some boxes. Moments later, Jay disappears as Darren (the Dispatcher) pushes him into the abyss of boxes. It was a good 10 minutes before I saw Jay again.

-We are building a new showroom, and the showroom manager wants to name it. Her name is Victoria:
Scott: "I think we should name this Victoria's...Palace. I was gonna say Victoria's Hole, but it would have come out wrong"

-This next one I get on a daily basis, and give out just as often. A page is heard over the loudspeaker:
Page: "Victoria Line 1 please, Victoria line 1"
Jay to me: "you look a little busy, want me to get that for you"

-Mike comes back from lunch about 10 minutes late, casually walks in, looks a little guilty.
Mike: "I was driving down the road, and for some reason I threw my car into reverse. Took me ten minutes to get the damn car restarted!"
Jay and I laughed, and continued to laugh for much of the afternoon. Suuuuuure Mike.

That's all I wrote down today, not too bad for about 3 hours. What works for the workplace has got to work for life, and that's kind of what I've discovered. If you're the first person to laugh, everyone else is just following your lead. Sometimes laughter can make even the most boring job somewhat bearable. But after all, when you sell nipples and ballcocks, you kind of have to learn to take a joke.

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September 08, 2003

False Reality

Recently, I have found myself in an awkward position. I think that I have finally found the perfect woman. She's smart, independent, very cute, and everything I could ever want in a girl. I talk to her every night, and we spend hours having a great time with one another. No matter how tired we are, or how frustrated we get, we stick by one another, and go to sleep knowing we'll see each other again the very next day. Well then, what is the problem, you ask? The problem is quite simple. You see, the girl I'm speaking of is Seung Mina. For those who don't know, she is a character from the gamecube/PS2/Xbox game Soul Calibur 2. Yep, I'm in love with a cartoon. I guess I could be optimistic..I mean, after all, she's never around unless I want her to be, she never talks back, she's very neat around the apartment, and she can totally kick some ass. But I'm sure this is just the beginning to what will more than likely become the future of video games...lot's and lot's of hot chicks.

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September 07, 2003

Episode 1: Attack of the Poopypants

Well here we go, my first attempt at a weblog. I'm sure this will look very plain and boring for awhile, as I try to get used to movabletype, but hopefully it'll come together one day. Rather than babble on and on about normal introduction stuff, I'll leave this short, and try to pretend like I know what I'm doing from here on out. However, I can't end without giving a huge thank you to Alex for setting this all up for me, and getting me going. Also, an advance thank you to Chase who has offered his assistance in familiarizing me with movabletype. Having said that, let the fun begin!

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