October 31, 2003


Today I came to work dressed as Charlie Brown. (You can't tell, but those are shorts, trust me...not to mention my very uncomfortable brown shoes) Also, my camera sucks for some reason so the image is crappy, but I just wanted to get the point across.

I completely underestimated the difficulty in making that shirt. Not only is it very hard to find a yellow t-shirt, but it's nearly impossible to find a yellow t-shirt at the end of October. Luckily, I found one at Ghetto-Mart (aka K-Mart) after a bit of searching, for only 3 bucks. Actually, the marker I used cost more than the shirt did, at $3.25.

I also forgot that, while people I work with might laugh with me, I am in contact with about 800 customers a day (maybe not that many, but sometimes it feels like it) The first one I saw this morning seemed to like it, but then told me to 'go find Lucy and try to kick the ball.'

None-the-less, any reaction is a good reaction as far as I'm concerned. This place is filled with so many grumpy, unspirited people, I'm glad to make them smile for just one day.

Happy Halloween!

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October 29, 2003

Interesting Interpretation

Awhile back, Chase snapped this photo when making lunch one day. I liked it so much (probably because I do the same thing) that I set it as my desktop background here at work (tiled across the whole screen).

I had labelled the photo 'Bread Faces,' which I think is a pretty suitable name. To my surprise, though, anytime somebody comments on it, they say 'toast?,' or 'hey, I like your toast!' This has happened probably 7 or 8 times, and everytime it's been called toast...not once has it been called bread.

Yeah, I know, bread IS toast...but is toast bread? Sure, one can say "I'll have my sandwhich on rye bread," and it will come out untoasted. Why? Because, my friends, toast is NOT bread! If I am drinking regular milk, and somebody walks by and says "oooh chocolate milk," I'd find it a bit odd. If, however, I were to be drinking chocolate milk, and someone walks by saying "ooh that milk looks good," I would find that completely logical.

It's the same thing with the bread faces. If the bread was in fact toasted, any description would be acceptable. But, to my knowledge, the bread is in it's simple form, thus "toast" is not acceptable.

Phew...I needed to get that off my chest.

That is all.


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October 28, 2003

Booston Red Sox

I really liked Grady Little, too bad they did this. Face it Sox, you lost, no need to be sore losers (in regards to the organization, not the players)

Though I am a fan of Jerry Remy...he's been the voice of the Red Sox for as long as I can remember. It'd be kinda neat to see him in the dugout.

They won't choose him, though. Firing Grady was the first in a series of bad mistakes that the Boston organization is probably going to make over the next few months, and hiring Jerry Remy would make too much sense.

Anyway, no need to grumble about that now. We Sox fans have all next season to be miserable about our team, so we may as well take a break from it.

So long Grady....I don't care what other people thought, I liked ya!


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October 27, 2003

It's Linky...It's Linky...So Fun It's A Wonderful Toy

Random links for lack of content-

--I'm a big white guy in Torrington, Connecticut. Why am I not as popular?

--Not only have they lived much longer than we all anticipated, now they're actually improving!

--Crap...just when I gave up forks, they come out with this shocking news. If only we'd heard of this earlier! Using your hands for a slightly physical activity might cause arthritis sometime in the future! The horror!

--Just in case you're lost, use this.

--Live web cam in Washington, DC. It is sitting atop the Air and Space Museum and set to view the contrustion of the new National Museum of the American Indian. You can actually take control of it, and move it around and stuff. During early stages of construction, my sister, monkeywerks, and I pointed it at the porta potties and watched people use them. Good times.

--I keep telling this guy- I don't own a farm, I don't live on a farm, and I am not housing any cows in my apartment. Now stop bothering me!

--Highly Addictive.

Till next time...

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October 23, 2003

Meow-sion Impossible

This weeks undercover work didn't end with the tub-buying victory. Last night I had to begin phase one of 'hide the cat from the apartment management.'

Last week I received a letter explaining that mandatory building inspections were to take place today beginning at 10:00a.m., and continue on during the day until every room has been checked. Their reasoning for this was to make sure there are no leaks, damages, etc., and to 'better assist our residents living environment.'

.....yeah right.

"Oh yes building management, I'm stupid! Look at me, I'm a moron, I'm so glad you are coming to better assist the way I am living here, even though you COMPLETELY IGNORED MY EXISTENCE FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS!"

That's right, I have yet to meet my landlord, let alone even have the knowledge that one exists. I have never had a visit from him/her, never a phone call, never even the slightest acknowledgment that I was living in their building. Now, suddenly, they want to better assist my living environment. Well screw you guys- I'm no fool, no sir-ree (I'm gonna live to be 103!...sorry, old Jiminy Cricket reference)

This all leads to part two of the story. I have a cat. My building allows cats, if you get permission, and pay the ridiculous $300-$400 deposit. I did not pay, nor did I get permission. I am unsure if they have a record of it or not. So, upon retrieval of this letter, I had to begin Operation Hide The Kitty. It wasn't that bad really, I just had to take him to my parents house, and I got a very tasty home cooked meal. My cat isn't a huge fan of travelling, though, so I always feel bad taking him places, but I had no choice. Not to mention the massive amount of cleaning I needed to do last night, which involved vacuuming every corner of the apartment, picking up his thousands of toys, and hiding anything remotely cat-related. If nothing else, at least my apartment is spotless.

So now my poor cat is in hiding at my parents house like some kind of Cuban immigrant. I am not too happy about them entering my place when I'm not there. Sure, they gave me the option of being present, but I had to arrange to be at my apartment from 10:00a.m. until whenever it is they come across my room, and they 'can't give a specific time.' Uh...hello...I am a human being, I WORK all day! I'm not using a vacation day for that crap. I set a trap, though, so I'll know if they were there. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll show up during my lunch break.

All in all it's a huge hassle. Maybe if they were getting consistent complaints about me I would accept it, or even if they could arrange a time to come so I could be there, I wouldn't mind so much. Instead, I feel like I'm in college and someone told the RA I had a candle.

Oh no....he has a candle....

Oh, just in case, in the very unlikely event this story is somehow tracked back to me by the apartment managment, my name is Chuck Carlin, and I live in Simsbury.


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October 21, 2003

In Cog Neat-o

This morning I ran a covert operation.

Here at work we sell hundreds of plumbing supplies, tubs, showers, etc., all top name brands. Unfortunatley, though, with name brands comes a commitment to the product. So then, if a customer wants a product of a different brand that we don't carry, most of the time we sell them something similar to that product in a brand name we do sell.

Follow me so far? (kinda like Coke and Pepsi. Very rarely, if ever, will you see a Pepsi machine next to a Coke machine, because either one or the other owns the 'rights' to that space.)

Ok, so this morning was an exception to that rule. This morning a certain customer needed a specific tub. This morning, it was my job to pick up a $1500.00 cast iron bath tub from a competitor, manufactured by a competitor. This morning, I truly was an outlaw.

Picking most items up from a competitor is common practice, everyone helps each other out, it's just the bigger brand name that creates the problem. So we had to run undercover to a different supplier and purchase the tub, so neither one of us got in trouble- us for buying and re-selling, them for selling to us. I drove about an hour into Danbury, Connecticut, in an employees pickup truck (no sign of our company logo painted on the sides). My job was to walk in and play the role of 'jobless friend of person who bought the tub, who has a pickup truck, and offered to pick it up.' Luckily it was paid for under a salespersons non-company credit card, so I didn't have to worry about signing someone else's name or anything...at least, that is what I was told.

So I walked into the counter, and stood there for a good ten minutes before I was acknowledged. That's right (name not given) Plumbing Supply, your service sucks, and I caught you red handed.

Anyway, a woman finally helped me, told me it was ready, and 'hoped I brought a big truck.' "Yup, sure did!" I responded, as if I didn't know how this process worked. It was easy. She continued to file the appropriate paperwork and prepared to let me go. The process was simple, and I was totally in the clear, on my way out, when suddenly...

"I'll just need you to sign here, so we know you picked it up, and you can be on your way!"



Jed: Now, I won't have to sign anything, right? It'll be pretty obvious if they see my last name on there.

Susan: Nope, all paid for, you'll just have to pick it up.

Jed: OK, sounds easy!

---back to present---

"Uhhh...Ummm..." I am a horrible, horrible liar. For a split second I thought about how to handle it. Should I just sign my name? Should I sign a fake name? All the possibilities ran through my head in the 1.5 seconds it took for the woman to hand me the pen.

"S..Sign right..uh...here?" I said.

"Yup, right on the X." I could see it in her eyes, she was on to me. I had crossed enemy lines and they knew it- somehow they remained one step ahead of me- and now, I'm done for. But then it hit me.

Ninety percent of the people I know have completely illegible signatures.

I picked up the pen, placed it on the paper...and moved it around in every direction possible. I think I actually drew a complete circle at one point.

"Thanks!" I said smiling.

Victory was mine. I loaded the 300 pound tub on the truck, and was on my way. But y'know, as fun as it all was, I didn't pass a single Starbucks. Stupid Connecticut.

Oh, it also looks like coma girl is getting a little help from Florida's Governor, dubya's bro, Jeb Bush. We may all be wrong on this one.

Snow showers in the forcast tomorrow. It'll be a drastic change from today's 70° weather, and maybe the last day for Jay, thus putting an end to the Chiller Challenge, 2003.


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October 20, 2003

Ramblious Randominous

Today is very cold. I walked out to the car this morning to find a sheet of ice covering my windshield. As my uncovered legs hit the hard, cold, leather driver seat, I quickly started the car, only to sit there and wait while a tiny hole began to spread across the ice glazed front window. As if giving the coin to Charon for permission to cross the river Styx, I shifted my car from park to drive, and began my short ride along the stagnant passageway to my home for the next ten hours.

I know what you're thinking- what the crap are you babbling about?

My point is this; it is very cold outside, and I am still wearing shorts. Sure, we've had cold days already, and my car has seen a few days of frosty windshields. Today, however, it was ice. It was as Cold As Ice. Someday I'll pay the price.

That day is today.

Never fear, though. The shorts are still on, and they will stay on until Jay wusses out. He's already told me he's wearing pants after the first snow. If there's one thing I know, it's never tell your competitor when you plan to quit- it just makes it that much easier for the other person to hang in there. Sissy.

Also, the twins are still alive and kicking. Everyone is wrong about their expiration date except Alex, but it seems as if they'll prove him wrong, too, as they'll most likely make until tomorrow. And has anyone heard anything about coma girl?

Then there is this. From this day forward, I declare I am afraid of work. Now bring me my Playstation 2 and Gamecube.

My boycott of the World Series is still holding. I will admit, however, my curiosity got the best of me and I turned on Fox for a brief moment to check the score. They were in commercial at the time, so I took that as a hint, and haven't checked back since.

I guess that's all for now. Till next time...


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October 17, 2003

Wait Till Next Year...

It was the game of all games, one for the history books, and an end to a post season filled with comebacks and upsets.

The Yankees have won it...again...and I for one hate everything about them. I hate their cockiness, I hate their showmanship, and I hate the way they *knew* they would win. I hate their pitchers, I hate their stadium, I hate their uniforms, and I really hate Derek Jeter.

Oddly, though, I have always liked Aaron Boone. I like the way he played, as if to let everyone know he was out there for baseball. The permanent expression on his face was that of a 'kid in a candy store', and you could just tell he loved to be there. I like the way he made errors, and was frustrated with his play, rather than how he 'looked.' I like the way he would strike out, and walk back to the dugout silently, knowing he gave it his best, and knowing he's on a team that most likely looked down on him. I like that if the Yankees are going to win, it came from the bat of Aaron Boone. Probably the only way I would accept a victory would be from a homerun by the guy no one expected it from- from the one guy on the Yankees who is there to play the game, and give it his best, not caring about his next commercial deal, or endorsement.

With that said, I say congratulations to Aaron Boone- you deserve it. The rest of you Yankees can kiss my rosy red bottom.

Of course none of that justifies a Red Sox loss. I am as crushed as the thousands of other lifelong Sox fans out there who thought this was it, they finally won it. But, just like the Cubs, 5 outs to go, and they blew it. No one can deny it was a great game, and it's pretty obvious the two teams are equally matched. Someone had to win, it's just unfortunate it was the Yankees...again.

Of course, upon arriving to work, before even getting in the front door, I see Mike (huge Yankees fan) walk by and flash me a huge smile. I then get to my desk to find a box of tissues sitting there, and giggles coming from Jay. Then Walt (another huge Yankees fan), who was all smiles, sarcastically making me try and feel better. Then Jenn in the front office, "Y'know, it's just really too bad. Did you stay up late just to see them lose?" She then jokingly covered her Yankees shirt. Then Rick, a driver, smiling, showing me his Yankees hat, shirt, jacket, etc.

Their pink slips are in the mail as we speak.

I am sad that it's over. This was their year, and it came to a dramatic ending. I could care less about the World Series now, and I plan to Boycott it. I don't want either team to win. If there was any combonation of teams of the four that were left I did NOT want to see make it there, it's these two.

Next year, the Sox will be ready. Last night they got a taste, next time they want the whole thing. I have faith that I will see the Red Sox win it all in my lifetime, and I have faith in the team they have now.

Wait till next year, boys...next year, it's all Boston.

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October 16, 2003

Holy Crap!

What a game! By far the best game of the series, and probably one of the best games of the year. My thought process:

"Crap, they blew it"
...two innings later...
"Yes they're back in it!!"
...two innings later...
"Crap they blew it"
...two innings later...
"Yes they're back in it!"
and so on, and so on...

But the Sox hung on, and took game six by a score of 7-6, thanks to a bases loaded walk (?!) in the seventh. After seeing the go ahead run walk across home plate, I couldn't help but think 'maybe "The Boss" has planned it this way.' After all, there's a whole crap load of money in a Yankees/Red Sox playoff game, let alone 7 of them. In my heart I hope it's not true, and after last night's game it's hard to imagine any of that could have been setup by the Yankees, what with the wind and all...

But if it IS true, I hope the Red Sox not only win, I hope they destroy them tonight, and teach ol' Georgey Boy not to put money before the game.

On a lighter note, they are going to bring the twins out of their coma today. I don't know if Chris knew that would happen today, and that's why he chose Thursday for their demise, but it's a pretty good assumption that if anything really bad happens, it'll be today. I'm still hoping they follow the Red Sox and hang on till Saturday (coincidentally the start of the World Series). Sunday and Monday are equally good guesses, though. Looks like this is going to be a big night for many reasons...

Also, I haven't heard/seen anything about the coma girl yet, which means she's probably still alive. I'll be sure to update here if I hear anything.

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!

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October 15, 2003


Last night was a horrible night for baseball. Not only did the Red Sox lose another great game, but the Cubbies...talk about your upset. Everyone, including myself, thought the game was over and the Cubs were on their way to the World Series. That is, until the 8th inning when the Florida Marlins scored 8 runs in a wacky turn of events that people in Chicago will not soon forget.

But speaking of that game, it was so refreshing to hear commentators who were not completely one sided. They didn't spend their time mocking one team while praising another, and they looked at the game from a neutral postition. It made the game much easier to follow, and much more enjoyable.

Stupid Yankee announcers.

This afternoons Red Sox game will prove to be a complete mock fest as they're back in New York, and the Sox are down to their last chance. I still have faith in them, they can still do it...it's just going to be very, very difficult. But like I mentioned before, I went to Yankee Stadium last July to see a Yankee's/Sox battle, with Clemens on the mound, and Boston creamed them (final score something like 12-2) They're still in it...c'mon boys, WIN!!

On another note, Chris and I have a bet going.
DISCLAIMER: If you have any sense of moral decency, please stop reading now.

He says the conjoined-by-the-head-but-recently-separated twins will be...eh-hem...no longer alive...by Thursday (tomorrow), while I bet Saturday. Price is right rules do apply (closest without going over) so if it happens tomorrow or Friday, I lose. Let's go little men, be like the Red Sox- hang in there just a few more days!!

Now if you'll excuse me, the floor just opened and I was invited to Hell.



It has come to my attention that price is right rules DO NOT apply, meaning the day you choose is final. In the words of Chris: "I get Thursday or nothing."

This is the real deal, folks- betters beware.

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October 14, 2003

One Sided Views

The Sox are back in it. As situations unfold about Saturday's "4th inning from Hell!!", it seems the one sided views of the announcers, who are blatantly Yankee fans, helped to quickly pursuade the general public's viewing of the foolishness that occured. Today we are finding out about how the Yankee's threw punches in that ninth inning bullpen fiasco, and left cleat marks in the groundskeepers back. We hear a tearful apology from Zimmer...Hmmm, feel guilty Zim? That's because you were WRONG!!!

OK, sorry, my Boston loyalty is leaking out. Truth is, both sides were wrong, but it''s very hard to understand that when the announcers are so completely one sided on the situation. I mean c'mon, they have the brother of the third baseman (Aaron Boone) sitting in with them for commentary?! So of course, all we heard was 'how could Pedro do such a thing!' And 'why is Boston lacking in security!' 'Boston is wrong!!' 'Yankees are right!!' Of course, they got what they wanted, and most of us Sox fans were so embarassed, we cheered when Sunday's game was rained out to give us one more day to reflect upon how bad we felt. I am not Catholic, I've never been to Confession, but I get the impression that's what it feels like.

So then, was Pedro wrong? Yes! He should have stayed in the dugout and shut his mouth. Was Zimmer wrong? Yes! He, even moreso, should have been doing the same. But, judging by what DID happen, what would you do if you were Pedro? Would you stand there and let Zimmer hit you? Would you step aside and watch him go flying by? Would you fight back? I don't know what I'd do, I'd have to think of it rationally...but you know what? Pedro didn't have the time to think of it rationally, he did what many people in his situation would have done- reacted to an attack by removing the attacker. Does it justify it, however? No. My consensus, everyone was wrong.

Anyway, I could go on and on for days about that. I'm glad that game is over, and I'm glad they won yesterday. Now it's tied up- equal playing field- and we can all concentrate on baseball from here on out. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again, especially if the series goes to a game seven...

Clemens vs. Pedro...

at Yankee Stadium...

Needless to say, my hail mary's (or whatever) have been said, and forgivness for Saturday has now been completed. Today's game at Fenway is a big one- it'll be tough to win two in a row in New York, so hopefully they'll just need one. (please note, however, when I saw the Red Sox play the Yankees in New York last July, the Sox whooped 'em)

You're back on my goodside, boys...but you Yankee fanatic announcers, even though you make me laugh outloud on the occasion, you're now on my bad side. If you're going to be an announcer, at least attempt a neutral outlook on the game.

You can count on more Sox commentary tomorrow.


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October 13, 2003

For Shame

Today, I am embarassed to be a Red Sox fan. After commending them for being such a great team, they really screwed up.

OK, so maybe it was just one or two people, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; when one team member does something stupid, it reflects upon the group as a whole (hehehe, a-hole)

Prove me wrong, fellas- show us Boston fans you really aren't that stupid, that you still deserve to be there. Cuz right now, if you lose, I'll shake my head in shame for Saturday's outburst, rather than commending you for a nice effort.

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October 11, 2003


I mentioned a few days ago that Chuck and I went to WWE in Hartford (what used to be WWF). On our way to the Hartford Civic Center, we stopped at CVS and bought some huge pieces of posterboard, to make...you guessed it...posters. Since it was taped Tuesday, but not aired until Thursday, I was able to tape it, and cut out some video clips using my handy-dandy, digital video camera. Below are a few screenshots from our night of blocking people's view.

Sign 1: This one says "Jed."

Sign 2: Guess what, so does this one.

Sign 3: This one says "Chuck Rules."

Sign 4: Seconds later, I raised one that says "wha...t."

Sign 5: Back to "Jed."

Sign 6: This one is my masterpiece

There were a few more, but you get the idea. Plus, I really don't think I can watch anymore wrestling, since it took me all morning to go through and find those. I was having a great time timing it, and raising the sign at the perfect moment. Chuck was having a little trouble, though (as you can see by his one noticable sign) I only wish that I was a little more creative, but I really didn't anticipate being on screen so much. I guess it worked out in the end, though, because it was pretty easy to find my sign.


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October 10, 2003

C'mon Sox!

Last nights game was a heartbreaker. You wouldn't know it by the score, but the Red Sox didn't make it easy for the Yanks, with Lowe at the helm pitching a very respectful game. In the end, though, the Bronx Bombers just out-played them, and took game two, splitting the series at one game a piece.

The teams take today off, and head up tp Boston for tomorrow's game, matching invincible Pedro Martinez against the old fart, Roger Clemens. It'll be a game of taunting, chanting (rooooo-geeeerrrr), and the almost definite beanball. It's the game you don't wanna miss!

I really like Boston's team this year. If any Sox team over the years deserves to win and 'break the curse,' it's this one. I remember a similar team years back...back when they gave us hope, when the players were there for the game, not the money; when Dwight 'Dewey' Evans and Mike 'The Gator' Greenwell played outfield, when Oil Can Boyd forever changed my views of 'proper' first names, when a young 'Rocket' Roger Clemens graced the pitchers mound, and Wade Boggs jumped, juked, and jived at third base. Ah yes, those were the days.

Of course, we all know what happened to the Rocket since the late 80's, and the same fate for Wade Boggs, both making their way out of New England and into the Devil's Lair- more commonly known as Yankee Stadium- a move that would appear to only lengthen the great 'curse of the Bambino.'

But this team- team 2003- something in their eyes *wants* it. The way they work together, how they look out for each other, and how they want to win it not for the money, not for the fame, and not even to break a silly old curse- they really WANT it, it's what their heart craves, it's why they wake up in the morning. It reminds me of that great Red Sox team of the late 80's; a team I wanted to see win more than anything...until this year.

If you don't believe me, turn on the next game. Look into their eyes- any player. You can just sense it, you can see into their brain, and feel what they are thinking. Everytime they get a hit, everytime they score a run, and even when they're down and out, with no chance to come back; the hope, and the love of the game, comes shining off their faces.

In the words of Mikey from the Goonies, while standing in the bottom of the well..

"Down here it's our time...it's OUR time down here!"

And in Boston, it's time for the Red Sox...

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October 09, 2003

Choices, Choices

Tonight's television choice is usually no contest- it's a Thursday, so that means Survivor -the one night of the week when I park myself in front of the TV and shut out the rest of the world. Tonight, though, this might all change...

Naaah, who am I kidding. Regardless of my choices, my 8-9 time slot is filled. However, the Red Sox are on again tonight, and after last nights game I don't want to miss any of the action. Luckily it doesn' t start until about 8:20, so I'll only miss the first few innings...but in the playoffs, those can be the most important.

Also tonight on UPN is WWE Smackdown. Now, I've never been a huge fan of wrestling- a couple years back it was pretty entertaining, but I haven't watched it since. But here's the kicker...I went with Chuck, who is a wrestling fanatic, to the taping of Smackdown in Hartford on Tuesday. We were about 8 rows back from the ring, not in the direct camera view, but in the direct 'camera 2' view. I, of course, made a big sign that simply said 'Jed' with an arrow pointing down. On the other side it said 'wha...t.' Chuck had one that said 'Chuck Rules' on one side, and 'Jed Rules' on the other (My sign and his were to work together)

---get to the point Jed!---

My point of this useless rambling is that I focused my eyes on the camera, probably 90% of the time (big guy in front me kind of blocked my view of the ring anyway...yes, I am a big guy, and this guy blocked my view...he was very, very big) I watched for the little red light, and everytime I saw it, up went my sign. I could easily point it out on the jumbotron, so I'm certain I made it on TV quite often. Smackdown is on from 8-10, so maybe I will catch the second half. After all, I've seen it before...Sox and Survivor are brand new.


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October 06, 2003

Picture Pages

I finally got my pictures from Maryland developed, and boy are my arms tired!

wait, what?

Well anyway, may as well just jump right in:

Group 1: Essence of Renaissance

Photo 1: First View of Fair. Nice finger, Jed

Photo 2: Drench A Wench. Um...nice finger again, Jed

Photo 3: Human Chess Game (this battle involved fire). Stupid finger!

Group 2: Food Glorious Food

Photo 1: I have steak on a stake, Chuck has a big ol' sausage.

Photo 2: Fried Pickles. They taste like pickles...only fried.

Photo 3: Salmon Croquettes. Chuck gave them a thumbs down

Photo 4: Turkey Legs. These were the best things ever. Nice napkin, Beckie

Photo 5: Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a stick. Chucky likey.

Photo 6: Chocolate Covered Banana. No matter what I say right now, you're thinking of a penis.

Group 3: Random

Photo 1: Chillin' (Sean-->Carrie-->Chuck-->Beckie)

Photo 2: Beckie eats humus...a lot of humus...at Capitol City Brewery

Group 4: Trail Running

Photo 1: Jay running up (note the pants...I'll let it slide this time)

Photo 2: Rocks everywhere. From there, the trail basically goes...up.

Photo 3: Jay climbing into the darkness.

Photo 4: First lookout over Pleasant Valley. We start at the bottom of this "hill."

Photo 5: View of Riverton.

Unfortunately, my camera (one time use camera, piece of crap) ruined a few other pictures- not to mention I ran out of film at that point (only about 10 minutes in). It also got very dark during our run, so the pictures I do have came out kind of crappy. Also, as for the food pictures, keep in mind that we ate all that food in a very short time, maybe within about an hour. Believe it or not, the falic banana was the most filling thing I had, while the smoked turkey leg was the best thing ever. If I remember correctly, Chuck's favorite was the chocolate covered cheesecake, and he very much hated those salmon things.

But regardless of all that, it was a very fun time. I'd like to go back and try some of the other foods they have there, as we were only able to try maybe 3% of the interesting things they had.

That's all for now...

Go Red Sox!

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October 03, 2003

Commercials and Picture Teasing

Last night as I watched Survivor, I saw a commercial that literally made me laugh so hard, and so loud, that I couldn't breathe. I think the fact that it caught me so off guard only helped to highten the pure nonsense of it all. I should have written it down, because I can't remember the entire opening sequence. I know it won't come out nearly as good in type form, but it went a little something like this:

Fade into young girl weeping softly. Very emotional music playing:

Voiceover: 'With every first relationship, comes a first heartbreak. But with every heartbreak, is an older brother.'

Brother puts arm around sister, music continues.
Brother looks at sister with a very endearing face, sister looks back, still very sad.

Brother: 'C'mon, let's go to Friendly's'

OK, so it's not nearly as funny now, but at the time it gave the impression of a public service announcement, or a big brother/big sister type thing. When he said, 'let's go to Friendly's' I nearly pissed my pants.

The commercial ended with a young, teenage waiter coming to the table, and the sister looking up with interest. Of course, older brother smiled and nodded his head...

"Here we go again," he was thinking, you could just tell by his smirk. "Silly sister, will you never learn." His face said it all. It was inspiring.

...stupid Friendly's.

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, I want to quickly mention how awesome Survivor is this season. (skip to the next paragraph if you haven't seen the latest episode and plan to) Rupert is the man! It was so awesome seeing him beat out muscle man Osten in the immunity challenge. I thought for sure 'this is it, this will be the first time Rupert fails.' But he hung in there, and it was awesome. Plus he's really into the pirate theme. Oh, and when he 'put the hammer down' on Morgan's boat during the reward challenge, and just pushed the whole boat under water with the oar? Dude, that guy rules.

Last thing to babble about today, I have a couple pictures from my sister I wanted to put up online from this past weekend, simply because I seem to be good at posting pictures lately.

Here is a picture of (from left to right) Carrie- my sister, Sean- my brother-in-law (Carrie's husband), Billy Bob Thornton, and Beckie- my sister. They had a fun time matching my...er, Billy Bob's...head to the capitol behind us. "look at Jed, he has no hair!" Boy, it was hilarious....(no really, it was pretty funny. Sorry if that sounded sarcastic)

Second is a picture of the Washington Monument that Carrie (oops, my mistake) -Sean- took, which looks really cool with the sun poking through the clouds behind it. Nice photography Ansel Adams!

Here is a picture of the Space Needle I took when I visited Seattle last month. Something about it makes me want to sing the National Anthem. Hmmm.

Well, I guess I'll stop babbling now. More pictures on the way for next week, don'tcha just love it! I can feel the anticipation...


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October 02, 2003

Mmmbut Coldheart!

Just a quick note about the sudden temperature change here in lower New England. Early last week I promised my friend Jay I'd wear shorts, for as long as he does, into the autumn season- a promise I made when the temperature was hanging in at about 70 degrees. What started as a promise has now become a 'gentleman's bet' of sorts; no money on the line, just the knowledge that if you fail, you're a pansy.

I just got a frost warning for tomorrow morning, with temperatures expected to be in the lower to mid 30's by daybreak.

Jed- "Frost warning tomorrow, still wearing shorts?"
Jay- "30 degrees? That's not so bad...I went to November last year"

Luckily I can handle the cold much better than the grueling heat...

Also, we got out to the trail again last night, and I brought the camera along. I'll be posting those pics, along with the pictures from our all day eating challenge at the Maryland Renaissance Festival within the next few days, so stay tuned!


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October 01, 2003

Say Cheese!

I wanted to write something today, mostly to occupy the time I have before my lunch break, but I sit here with nothing really interesting, profound, or overwhelming on my mind. So, I decided to look in my pictures folder here at work, and post some of the most non-work related pictures I could find. Unfortunately, I have so many on here that I'll have to pick and choose some of the better ones. Maybe I'll post some more in the future, but for now here's a good start. (keep in mind, this is my 'very much in public view' work computer)

OK, let's see, here is the first one that caught my eye. The thing is, I have no idea where it came from, or why I have it on this computer. Hmm...

Here's number two. I think many of you know this guy. Much like the last one, though, I'm unsure how it made it to this computer. Interesting...

I have no comment in regards to this picture. Let's move on...

Here is my cat. This is particularly interesting because the person whom I was talking to sent me a song containing the words 'rape me,' which you can clearly read at the top of the AIM window. It was only after I sent this to my family that I noticed. Onward...

Here is a picture of my grandfather's car the morning after last winter's --"Blizzard of 2003! Mwa ha ha ha!"-- Everything was buried in snow, and guess who had to dig it out? Yay, I'm useful for something!

I guess that's all for now. I successfully wasted some time, and maybe wasted some of yours, too. And in the end, isn't that all that really matters?


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Delayed Confusion

Also, how the crap is it October already? And when did it decide to get so cold? (obvious answers are accepted)

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