May 29, 2004

Sox and Seattle

As a surprise unbirthday party present, Karen gave me tickets to the Red Sox game, versus none other than our underdog favorites, the Seattle Mariners. I tried telling her, there's nothing quite like an authentic Boston Red Sox experience. It's something you don't really get anywhere else, and she definitely found out why. Sitting packed inside a sold out Fenway crowd, the Boston fans are like none other, and it truly is a great place to see a good ball game. Fenway Franks, the Wave, the stadium, the fan loyalty... it's all unique in Boston. Take a look for yourself:

Red Sox vs Mariners: It started late due to rain that never came, but it was a great time none-the-less.


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May 25, 2004

For Andad...

Tee Time.jpg
"Tee Time"
Seven Lakes, NC
© Jed Scattergood

Out Of Bounds.jpg
"Out Of Bounds"
Seven Lakes, NC
© Jed Scattergood

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May 22, 2004

Grande Troy Latte

I went with Joe to see Troy last night. I must admit, I actually kind of liked it.

Don't get me wrong, though. I didn't really expect to hate it, but I also figured that, because it was so long (2 hours 40 minutes), it would put me to sleep. However, the movie did a decent job of keeping my interest for the half day we were in there.

Basically, the movie went something like this:

Fight, talking, fight, funeral. Fight, talking, fight, funeral. Fight, talking, fight, funeral. Thanks to the fight scenes injected within the boring stuff, I was able to keep my attention and not space out.

I also don't want to give the wrong impression that the movie was brilliant. In fact, the acting was mildly sub-par at very best, but it wasn't bad enough that I mocked it (too much). Furthermore, I have always had a slight interest in Greek Mythology (thanks to 2 years of Latin), so I could follow the story a bit easier, and had some interest in the topic. If it's not something you enjoy, not only will you be bored, but you'll probably be very confused. It seemed to me that Wolfgang Peterson assumed everyone knew everything about mythology, and didn't bother to explain a lot of the background. Instead, the movie jumped right in as if everyone were a scholar on the subject.

Anyway, it was a fun movie altogether. I wouldn't go see it again in theaters, simply because it is so long, but I'm glad to have seen it once.


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May 19, 2004

Animals and Nature

Since my favorite world traveler and I decided to spend our delayed departure to Japan in Connecticut, we've been busy trying to keep ourselves... busy. Today was no excepetion, as we played with the various animals in this house before I met up with Jay, and headed back to the trails for some body breaking trail running. But enough babble, take a look for yourselves:

Note: You may need to adjust the size of your browser to view picture descriptions

Dogs and Cat: Look at the coolest little kitty in the world (the good Doctor Bartokomous), and my most favorite group of food loving, tongue licking dogs. Also, get a sneak peek at my sister Beckie and Chris's new pug, Lily.

Trail Running: Lately, I've been trying to take after Ansel Adams by taking some artsy pictures. Unfortunatley, none of them appear here. Luckily though, nature did a good job of covering for me, because the trail is really pretty.

That's right, I said pretty.


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May 15, 2004

Cute Kids, Erratic Employees

Usually when we walk into Litco we get quality service. Everyone is typically very nice, smiles welcome us at the door, and we leave with a feeling of happiness. Yesterday, however, everything changed, when a certain someone (we'll call him Joe Doherty to protect the innocent) gave Karen some well deserved help in the showroom.

Take a look at this A+ service...

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Litco Staff.jpg

It's ok, though, she recovered quickly. And as a result, Joe got us to babysit his kids tonight, using pure, brute scare tactics.

Speaking of children, later in the day we visited Karen's brother and his kids, a.k.a. Karen's nephews. I don't care who you are, everyone must admit that this is the up there as one of cutest picture in the world...

click to enlarge
Joey and Tommy.jpg

Till next time...


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May 12, 2004

Happy Cat

kitty 1.jpg

kitty 2.jpg

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May 03, 2004

Zoo: Part 2

With just a few more days left to discover everything there is to know about Seattle, Karen and I are running out of time to make the best of our stay here. I think we've done pretty well so far, though, and today was no exception as we took a trip back to the zoo. Unlike our previous visit, we had a bit more than an hour to see everything... but I promise it won't take that long to view the pictures.

The Woodland Park Zoo, Part 2: It was a beautiful day with lots of cool animals. Check it out!


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May 02, 2004

Knowledge Is Power!

Last Friday, Karen and I met up with Tim for a fun filled day of learning at the Seattle Science Center. It was a pretty neat place, with a lot of hands on activities, some cool exhibits, and even a tropical butterfly house. We had a lot of fun... until the crowds of children showed up. Anyway, here are some pictures from our day of learning.

Seattle Science Center: It's fun to learn, 'cuz knowledge is power!

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