November 30, 2004


I've always been a sucker for Christmas decorations; I really look forward to putting up the tree, and setting up lights... it's my favorite time of the year. However, for obvious reasons, this year had to be a little different. I don't have my usual tree or decorations, and buying another tree here would be just silly because I can't bring it home with me.

I refused to let it stop me, though, and decided to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models. So, just like last years Halloween, this Christmas is dedicated to Charlie "Blockhead" Brown here in the Scatterlaschi abode. I found a 150 yen tree (about $1.50 American), got some lights, a few small ornaments, and turned a sad little tree into what I think is the perfect little addition to help our Christmas spirit. Take a look for yourself!

Before- I know it looks sad, but just like my mentor, Charlie Brown, I saw something in that tree and knew it was just right.

After- with a little love and affection, our tiny little tree actually does look pretty nice. Besides, you can't beat the price.

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November 26, 2004


I don't really have much to say about this article (courtesy of Karen's Aunt "Auntie Don" and the Register Citizen), but I knew it had to be shared. I don't know what's weirder;

-it's going to be shown in Japan
-they couldn't hire actual actors
-there's a typo in the headline
-he used to be my dad's golf partner, or
-that they think Torrington is the best place to do it.

Anyway, check it out for yourself.

Japanese Film Crew To Shoot Bundy Film In City

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November 25, 2004


Since turkey is nearly impossible to find in this country, not to mention our lack of an oven, this years Thanksgiving called for some improvising. The feast this year included:

Sushi- Tuna Roll (8 pcs)
Chicken- Had some good sauce on it, and was, like most things here, fried
Noodles With Broth (Jed)- Tasty stuff, I eat it almost everyday
Tomato Soup and Noodles (Karen)- She took the noodles out after 3 bites

So maybe it wasn't the most authentic meal, but it got the job done. We had some excellent decorations to help set the mood, and I'm certain it will find a place as the most... interesting... Thanksgiving we've ever had. Take a look for yourself!


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November 22, 2004

Threat Lowered

To ease everyone's worried mind, I have decided it was in the best interest of the Poop Deck to lower the ceiling threat down to a yellow. It has been a few days since I last cracked my cranium, thus I feel it is a good time to change the threat warning so people can sleep a little better at night.

Thank you, color yellow, for putting my mind at ease.

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November 16, 2004

Ceiling Threat Raised

Due to recent events, I decided to follow the lead of America and create a color scale to inform everyone of the threat level that is occuring within our apartment here in Japan.

Today, I suffered the most painful blow to my cranium to date. It was my hope that I would have a vision like Doc Brown in Back To The Future, when he fell off the toilet in 1955, and envisioned the flux capacitor which makes... time travel... possible.

Instead, I saw a rip off of the American media's most stupid and pointless color coded scale ever created: The Homeland Security Advisory System.

I get the feeling that all my creative brain cells were left in the chunk of skin hanging from the doorway. So, without further adeiu, I introduce you to the newest-most-pointless color coded system ever created-

The Jedland Security Advisory System!

Jedland Security

As you can see in the left hand column, I have raised the threat level of low ceilings to ORANGE. This means there is a high chance I will hit my head in the near future.

Please stay tuned to the Poopdeck for updates on this breaking news story.

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November 13, 2004

The Wheel Deal

To answer Marc is King/Marc Rulz/Marc the Great's question, I decided I would post a picture of our shower. It still amazes me that, in a country where everything is downsized, the shower, of all places, is enormous. This holds true with our last apartment as well, and seems to be a theme in Japan. I don't understand why they don't use that space as an extra closet, or a bigger kitchen or bedrooom... but honestly, I don't really care, because for once I can enjoy a spacious cleansing hole. Take a look for yourself, the entire room is a shower, and it continues to the left where the camera can't see:


On a different note, one thing we loved about our new apartment was the view of the ferris wheel. We're both suckers for stuff like that, so we were sold just at the sight of it. This is what we see everyday, as this picture was taken at the front door to our apartment. We have a similar view from the bedroom:

Ferris Wheel.jpg

Japan is treating us very well so far, but since we've only left the city of Osaka twice (on day trips, no less) we're excited to come home in December and see everyone during the holidays.

Until then, supuun o motte kite kudasai! Arrigato Gozaimasu!

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November 06, 2004

Cranium Crackage

I don't know if anyones noticed, but the number of times I've whacked my head has drastically increased since moving into our new apartment.

Now, I love this place, it's much bigger than the last place, and it's in a much better location. However, it seems to have many low bridges that I, for some reason, can't avoid.

Head Count: See for yourself and share my pain. A few more hard whacks and I'll... forget... how speak... and... do... stuff.

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November 05, 2004

Christmas In Japan

The Japanese seem to celebrate a new holiday every week, so it wasn't a complete shock when we rode our bikes past Tennoji (a pretty big area in Osaka) to see it decorated for Christmas already.

However, I did find it shocking that it was only November 2nd, and they already had things decorated for Christmas.

So, I guess when I said it wasn't a complete shock, I lied, because it was, in fact, a complete shock.

Anyway, it's the first time I've ever been able to ride my bike wearing shorts and short sleeves, come home and turn on the air conditioning, while entering (albeit a tad early) the Christmas season. Usually, I'm bundled in winter jackets and gloves trying to keep warm.

Except for last year during the chiller challenge, when Jay and I wore shorts until November 10th, so I guess I lied about that, too. (But in my defense I was very cold, and Torrington wasn't decorated for Christmas yet)

(Except for maybe that crazy Christmas guy who decorates his entire house... I'm sure that was all set up. You CT folk know who I mean... so I suppose I'm still lying)

Anyway, it was my simple intent to show you this picture and suggest that it's way too early for Christmas, but babbling has led me to realize that I can't even follow my thought process at this point, so I guess I'll just show the photo.


Christmas In Japan.jpg

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November 03, 2004

Too Close To Call

I thought for sure they'd think of a new phrase. But, the moment we get internet and cable, all I hear is "too close to call."

It's been an exciting week; first the Red Sox win the World Series, now this. Will John Kerry have the same luck the Red Sox did, and overcome Bush in the polls? Will Bush act like the Yankees (until this year, heh heh...) and destroy the competition?

I guess we'll see in the morning.

...or the night, depending on what country you're in.


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