April 24, 2005

I Once Met A Girl Named Korea

Living in Japan means very easy access to a variety of different places throughout Asia. This past week we took advantage of these travel opportunities yet again and took a trip to Cheju (Jeju), South Korea. It's a tiny resort island located south of Korea's mainland, just west of Japan.

The trip started out a bit rocky, as our flight was canceled due to high winds. However, we were lucky enough to jump aboard another flight which left only a few hours later, and while it required a layover, it was at least the same day.

Regardless of layovers, the trip was very relaxing and quite nice. Tourist season in Cheju is a short two months, and, seeing as this wasn't one of them, we had the island to ourselves much of the time. I took a lot of pictures, mostly of trees and beaches, but take a look because it truly is a beautiful, and virtually unknown, little paradise.

Cheju, South Korea: The temperatures weren't quite tropical, but the scenery certainly was. Add another stamp to the passport, and see for yourself!

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April 14, 2005

USJ Again

In order to break away from the massive amounts of work lately, Karen, Rebecca and I headed off to Universal Studio's Japan.

I didn't take a lot pictures, however it did give us a chance to meet up with some of the characters we missed the last time we were there. We also had a run in with one of those "dress up in our costume and have your photo taken" places, which pretty much made the whole day worth it. I can't show you the actual photo (complete with the super-imposed background) because I don't have a scanner, however the people were nice enough to let us take our own pictures so you can get an idea of just how cheesy it was. Anyway, see for yourself!

Universal Studio's Japan... Again: The lines were short and the characters were everywhere. At one point, we even became characters ouselves! Check it out...

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April 09, 2005

We Are Family

With all the hubbub over the death of the Pope, Prince Rainier, Terry Shaivo, Johnny Cochran, and probably lot's of others that I'm fogetting, I thought it was a good time to talk about life. Recently, there have been a number of new additions to not only my immediate family, but also to my not-as-immediate family.

New People
-My sister Beckie is pregnant and expecting her first baby sometime this September. My early guesses are as follows: If it's a boy, pro-golfer. If it's a girl, musician.

-Marc and Meghan announced a short time ago that they're expecting their first baby sometime in early October. There is no doubt in my mind that in a few short years (maybe months) baby Cryan will be going to Twin Co., the bowling alley, Banks' house (even though it's no longer Banks' house), and all of the other various boring-but-fun activities that occur in Northwest CT amoungst us crazy folk. In other words, I already want to hang out with him/her.

-Anni and Chris have adopted their first child, in the form of a very cute little kitten. Please join me in welcoming... Mrs. Buttersworth "Sprout" Fairba-runo! (click for bigger pic)

-Chuck also surprised everyone with a cat of his own. Adopted at 2 years old, please also welcome... um... I forgot his name because we are all very weird people and name our cats ridiculous things. For now, I will call him... Chuck 2! (click for bigger pic)

-Querida, my parents dog, just had her second set of tiny little poochie's. Please welcome Volkman, Vito, Ventura, Valerie, Volvo,Vasco, Veronica, Vesper, and Vera. Much like their mother, they were given a strange letter for their litter, 'V', hence all the V names. 5 white males and 4 black females now terrorize the Scattergood abode in Northwest CT. But not for long, because just like their parents, they will soon head off to training camp to follow in their father's footsteps and become guide dogs. (click for bigger pic)

I think that's all for now, although I'm probably forgetting someone (or something) really important. (Please note the comments, in that I did forget something important. At least I knew it would happen...) Anyway, it's nice to welcome all of the new life into our... lives.

Welcome aboard, matey's!

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April 03, 2005

Bigger Burger

A few days ago I made mention of Burger Kings newest creation- The Enourmous Omelete Sandwich. At the time, I thought this sandwich surpassed all expectations of what a true heart-attack-on-a-plate should be.

Until today.

Via Chuck "Beef Log" Carlin, check out Hardees Monster Thick Burger. Let it be known that Chuck has already begun preparation for a trip to the nearest Hardees which, for those unfamiliar with the east coast (specifically Connecticut), is at least a few hours away.

I'm glad I won't be in the car for that ride home... (sorry Lauren).

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April 01, 2005

Fool Me Once

Conversation of the day, shortly after 12:00 a.m. at work....

Karen: "I think we should break up."

Jed: "... ok"

Karen: ".... April Fools!!!"

Jed: "... um... oh, yeah, me too."

I think they should call it "False Hope Day."


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