June 01, 2005

It's Been Awhile

This is a pretty simple article from CNN, but worth a glance none-the-less:

What Ben Folds Has To Do

I've always liked Ben Folds, especially since the Horde Festival at the Meadows when he played Playstation against Little Banks. Thanks to Chuck I have a great copy of his new CD, and I highly recommend it simply because Ben Folds can't go wrong.

In other news, (cue pirate voice) Ye Captain and his first mate be preparin' fer their next voyage, back the good ol' U-S-of-A (End pirate voice). As of now, it appears that August 6th will be our last day in Japan, and we'll arrive back home around the 14th. Not too sure about what will happen once we get there, but we're chartin' our course for the next adventure, and will certainly keep you posted once the details work themselves out.

I know the updates here on the Poopdeck have been few and far between, but it's been due to a large influx of work and a lack of excitement. We're working 6 day weeks in order to save up time for our trek through Asia in the end of June, so until then keep an eye out for boring, random entries, and I promise more excitement come early July. Check out Williamsburger in the meantime, it's much more frequently updated.


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