August 31, 2005

Sesame Street

Three of these kids belong together,
Three of these kids are kind of the same.
But one of these kids is doing his (her) own thing,
Now it's time to play our game...
It's time to play our game! (ba da da dit da daaah!)


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August 29, 2005

Haphazard Photo Gallery

Things are pretty discombobulated around here lately. Living out of suitcases, loss of internet and computer parts, and the lack of a proper living space have hindered normal, everyday procedures (like updating a website, for example). However, this hasn't stopped the Poopdeck from giving you more... poop.... to look at while things start to sort themselves out.

Seeing as I currently lack a proper niche (or writin' hole) to take the time and write out those oh-so-wonderful posts I usually produce... (silence)... I figured the best thing to do would be to post one or two random pictures every so often. It's been a very busy few weeks (Hawaii, Washington DC, Chuck's party, a visit with my sister and nephew, and a niece expected any day now) and I just can't find the time to sit down and sort it all out. Eventually I hope to get a few official galleries together, but until that day happens I'll just choose a couple good/interesting/boring ones here and there for your viewing pleasure.

Let it begin!

What happens when you feed your nephew a lemon?

ooh this tastes g...OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!

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August 09, 2005

Food Glorious Food

With just a few hours to go before we catch our flight to Maui, I leave you with this final post from Japan. It's probably the best way to sum up our last week here, and will certainly be something we miss. Of course, I am talking about food.

Now, it might be known that Japan has some strange food, and for the most part it has been very difficult to eat a satisfying meal. However, with a week off and nothing to do, it gave us the chance to go to those special places we love so much, and eat the food that is just not found (or likely not the same) back home in America.

Chef Monkeywerks, this post is for you...

Food!: Since we have to leave in a few hours and have lots of packing and cleaning to do, the descriptions are cut short and replaced with links. When it comes to food, though, I guess pictures are all you really need. Bon Appetit!

Yaaar, Ye ship be settin' sail. See yar in America in half a fortnight! Yaar!

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August 06, 2005

Go Go Kyoto

As our time in Japan is rapidly coming to an end, my favorite world traveler and I are keeping ourselves busy and enjoying this country while work isn't poisoning the experience. Our most recent adventure took us back to Kyoto, probably one of the most well-known cities in Japan.

Our first attempt was not so successful. It was so uneventful, in fact, that the Poopdeck made very little mention of it. We arrived late, got lost, gave up easily... blah blah blah...

This time, however, with a bit more experience under our belt (and a lot more time to prepare) we accomplished everything we set out to do. Sure, "everything" consisted of just two things... but let me tell you, these two things are very far away from each other, and it was incredibly hot and humid.

But enough babble, check it out for yourself! It's kind of a small photo gallery this time, but there are only so many pictures of bamboo and temples you can look at in one sitting.

Kyoto, Japan: You can wear a kimono, ride a kimodo, or meet Quasimodo! Dance a go-go? Feeling just so-so? Keep it on the down low? Oh I don't know... enjoy Kyoto!

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August 04, 2005


With just under a week left here in Japan, some good friends of ours took things into their own hands and threw us a fantastic going away party. It was a nice way to wrap things up and say goodbye, albeit a little sad, knowing we may not see some of these wonderful people for a very long time.

We are leaving with excellent memories, though. I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a couple of favorites...

Sayonara 1.jpg

Japanese apartments are very tiny. We crammed in as best we could, and battled the heat and humidty while we stuffed ourselves with an unexpected feast prepared by Emma (above, standing in the middle).

Sayonara 2.jpg

Teri (above, sitting next to the fan) was the one who organized the whole thing. She proved to be an incredible host, and she has been a great friend to us. Behind her is Rikyu, whom we met thanks to our friend Mike. He did that thing with his fingers as a sarcastic gesture to Japan's obsession with bunny ears in photo's (which makes him awesome). He also kept to his traditional Japanese customs and surprised us with little going away gifts. What a nice guy!

On the train 1.jpg

A few of us managed to grab the same train home, so it made for an excellent photo opportunity. (Above, from left to right - Jonathan, Karen, Rikyu, and Barbara.) Jonathan provided comic relief during our time at Nova, Rikyu we talked about before, and Barbara hails from Germany (or Deutche-Land as some students call it... seriously). Rebecca (seated next to me off camera) insisted I jump in for another group photo. I trusted her...

On the train 2.jpg

After three tries this was the best she could do. It was the thought that counts, Bec!

Anyway, it was a great time, and we were so happy to see so many people there. It was worth the sweat and the heat to spend a few hours with some of the people we have shared this incredible experience with.

There are a few more tasks on our 'To Do' list for the next six days, so keep an eye out for some more photo's here and there as we slowly step away from Japan and say goodbye.


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