December 26, 2005

Christmas Time Was Here

Just like every year, Christmas came and went in a flash. It seems like just a few days ago we started the music challenge. It seems as if I was just wondering what gifts to get for people. It seems like just yesterday I had money in my bank account.

But, like every year, Christmas was a complete success. Having a lot of children around (yours truly not included) makes the holidays even more entertaining, and this years Christmas had a wide variety of happy youngin's (I think).

Anyway, take a look for yourself!

Christmas 2005: This is a long overdue post dedicated to the entire Scattergood/Arcelaschi/Telford/Wallace/Gahagan family. If you're name is not listed you might find it kind of boring... but look anyway, jerks. Merry Christmas!

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December 13, 2005

New York, New York

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit some of the most popular holiday attractions in the country. We weren't the only ones who chose Saturday night to do so, but we battled through the crowds and certainly got our fill of the holiday spirit. Rockefeller Center, FAO Schwartz, and some random mall were all on the list, and we succeeded in seeing each one.

Aside from the masses of people, it was a really fun weekend. We celebrated Aron's birthday by eating lots of cake, and had the chance to eat at a few really good restaurants. Of course, I took some pictures, but as I look back I really didn't take a lot. But, I'll post them anyway, because... well... why not.

Christmas In NYC: Some pictures are blurry, but it's still easy to see our holiday spirit! (Note: you cannot see our holiday spirit, but we did have it)

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December 08, 2005

Most Annoying Song... Ever

So our challenge here at Litco is going "well". The music plays on, and we're slowly going insane... all is "well".

Along our travels, however, we've heard many songs that are either not very good, or just plain old annoying after hours of listening. Examples include: David Bowie's variation on Little Drummer Boy, the ever popular Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano, and even Tony Bennett is getting on our nerves with his Christmas Medley.

Despite all of these gems, one song stands out as the most annoying so far. One song sits atop the mountain of christmas dung they call 'music'. One song... about a hippopotomus.

Now, before you listen, put yourselves in our shoes for a moment. Imagine, yuo've been listening to Christmas music all day, for over a week, and you have about 16 more days ahead of you... imagine, the station you listen to has a playlist of about 50 Christmas songs, enough to fill about 2 hours, so it's likely you hear these songs as much as 3 or 4 times a day. Now, imagine the song you are about to hear is one of these constantly repeated songs...

Click at your own risk, and good luck.

Most Annoying Song Ever

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