May 16, 2006

Thought Bubble #2

Booble 2

In a recent conversation, the term 'glove box' was used. I use this phrase a lot, too (along with glove compartment) but it hadn't really occured to me until recently that it's a pretty outdated thing to say. Sure, when cars were first manufactured it made complete sense. After all, the luxury of heat was non existent in the early years so the glove box was a necessity.

Nowadays, I don't really think the glove box is actually used for the purpose of gloves alone. My glove box has insurance cards, registration, cell phone and iPod chargers, maybe some mints, a few pens... With all the modernization and name changing going on, isn't it about time we focus on the overlooked 'glove box'?

I'm thinking... 'Car Hole'. Or maybe we can say 'Interior Compartment'. How about 'the box formerly known as glove box', and they can put a weird symbol on it.


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May 13, 2006


This isn't a thought, but it is a fun little... game? I guess it's a game... well it's an interesting website nonetheless. Via Karen's Aunt Donata...

Falling George

If he gets stuck, move him around with your mouse!


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May 08, 2006

Thought Bubble

In an attempt to resurrect the slowly fading Poopdeck due to lack of updates, I figured it was time to start doing something on a daily basis, just to keep the poor ship afloat.

So, in an attempt to jump start my brain waves and get things going again, I'll start out simple. Just a thought, or two, or three... that I may have during the day. Maybe someday the Poopdeck will get back to the way it was almost 3 years ago. Some of these thoughts may be totally random, some may not be logical, and some may actually be thought provoking (fingers crossed)... but I will try to do it a bit more regularly.

What sparked all of this was a recent article I read on CNN. I try not to get too involved with the news as it tends to be a bit sad, depressing, and overall negative for me, but I do check out the headlines (and entertainment news) on CNN everyday just to stay on top of things. I was reading about Moussaoui, the guy being charged with all the September 11th 'stuff.' As I was reading, it occured to me how difficult a job it must be to defend this guy. I know it's all in a days work for a lawyer... lie, point fingers, twist and bend the truth... but what do you say when you get the phone call telling you to defend the guy that destroyed a symbol of America, and killed thousands of people?

Hopefully I'm missing something here. I am not, nor will I ever claim to be a law aficionado, but I sat here thinking wow... who do they choose, and WHO WOULD ACCEPT??? If I was the lawyer, I'd be like "dude he's guilty."

Anyway, that's my thought bubble for today.

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May 07, 2006

Ain't Nothin' But A House Cat

Hunka hunka... uh-huh

Meow meow meow

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