November 28, 2006

Top 100 Catchphrases

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a sucker for those countdown shows they've been showing on TV the last few years. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, and some of them are somewhat entertaining, but I always seem to get hooked one way or another. (I especially like anything to do with buildings, travel, or construction, ie: biggest megastructures, most expensive homes, most luxurious vacation spots, and biggest rollercoasters... to name a few)

Anyway, I came across this article on CNN and thought I'd share. I especially like the fact that two versions of the phrase 'hey hey hey' made it on the list (yet Krusty's 'hey hey' did not).


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November 15, 2006

BMT #4

You know what really burns my toast? Pedestrians. Not all pedestrians, just a select few. I can't stand the pedestrians who insist on the slow motion "slow down" hand movement as you drive by. You know they aren't actually saying anything, they're just mouthing the words 'slooooow doooooown' while waving their hands up and down. What, do they think they're teaching me a lesson or something? I can't stand it!

Luckily this hasn't happened to me in a really long time, but it did happen to a friend of mine recently while I was in the passenger seat. 'Slooooooow dooooooown' the nazi lady dramatically mouthed as we drove past an ice cream truck with a bunch of kids waiting in line for a tasty treat. Listen lady, I'm the one with the speedometer, I know how fast we're going, and if children want to purchase ice cream in the street they're going to have to deal with cars driving by.

The the other day some old man crossed the street in front of me. No cross walk, no walk signal, just a slow shuffle right in front of me. I wasn't even speeding... nay, I was barely moving! Yet the old man stared at me as if I wasn't going to stop... as if it were my goal to send him to a (somewhat) early grave. Seriously I was going like 3 miles per hour, no joke! Why would he do such a thing? Had he never seen a car before? Is that why he's walking? I don't understand?!

"Sloooooooow doooooooooown."

No pedestrians, why don't YOU slow down. Slow down and shut up.

Think about it.

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November 11, 2006

BMT #3

I might offend some people with this one, but I have to get it off my chest. In fact, this might very well be the first thing that really got me going on this whole "y'know what really burns my toast" rampage. That said...

You know what really burns my toast? Those cell phone ear piece things. Man I hate those things. I hate them with a passion! Is it convenient? Of course! Especially in some states, such as Connecticut and New York, where it's illegal to drive with a cell phone to your ear, but that's probably the only instance where that device is acceptable. I can't stand it when people are walking around with them on in the grocery store, at work, at a restaurant... in a movie theater! Is it really that difficult to flip open a phone and put it to your ear? Furthermore, why would you wear it as a fashion accessory? I can't stand it! Yeah, we get it, you're so busy that you can't take one second to put a phone to your ear. WHOOPIDY DOO! Why don't you use that ear piece thing to call someone who cares!

Cell phone ear piece things really burn my toast!

DISCLAIMER: If I have offended anyone with this post, please do me a favor and take it as a hint.


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