December 19, 2006

I Can't Weight!

After a very long hiatus, the Poopdeck is proud to bring you yet another challenge starting January 2nd, 2007. The long absence means this challenge must be even more demanding, more difficult, and more painful than all the others. Just the thought of it gives me chills, but I know it's something that must be done. It is with great pleasure (a.k.a. displeasure) that I unveil to you.... The Biggest Loser Challenge!

This challenge probably needs very little explanation (especially since I stole the name and didn't bother to think of a more unique or creative one) but just in case I'll give a brief summary... lose weight!!

Starting the first of the year, participants will lose weight naturally (no liposuction or stomach stapling allowed) over the course of at least three months. Each week there will be a 'weigh in' to determine who has lost the highest percentage of body weight. There will be no elimination, no special prizes, just the satisfaction of success (or the humiliation of defeat). The key, then, is that all results will be posted online, so anyone who still happens to check the poopdeck will have access to one of those sacred secrets of life.... your weight. If you do well in this challenge, you and everyone else will be proud! However, if you fall into a pattern of pizza and beer, you'll be horribly embarassed and people will make fun of you.

I will be setting up a chart on the sidebar for results and updates, so keep an eye on it starting Jan 2nd for starting weights and participants. As of now there are only two who dare accept this challenge:

Chris Wallace - Long time gym member who is looking to shed the 'baby weight' as he prepares for the arrival of his second daughter (and my second niece) due Dec 27th (though there's a good chance it'll be earlier).

Jed Scattergood - Known for his love of egg nog and bacon, this competitor has a reputation to uphold. A participant in all Poopdeck Challenges, he has yet to give up or (completely) fail any of them.

As always, this is open to anyone who might want to take part. In the true spirit of Poopdeck Challenges, I am not offering any prizes... there will be no reward... I can only offer bragging rights for those who participate, as well as a permanent place among the strong men and women who have suffered through past challenges.

This challenge will not be easy, but I guess if it were it wouldn't really be a 'challenge'. Nonetheless, I plan to do my best and ride this one out to the end.

Target weights, exact time span, and challenge rules will be posted by Januray 2nd, 2007. If anyone out there wishes to join us, if even for the fun of it, leave a comment or email me by the first so I can add you to the roster. (I'm not expecting any, but just in case....)

We have two weeks of pigging out until go time, which means everything I eat for the remainder of 2006 will be wrapped in bacon. (That includes, but is not limited to, bacon wrapped in bacon, sushi wrapped in bacon, and chocolate pudding wrapped in bacon.)


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December 16, 2006

Christmas Math

Outkast + Peanuts = This

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December 12, 2006

Music Music Everywhere

Carrie brought up a good question when she commented on the last post. The answer?

Of course! The Christmas music-a-thon is in full effect again this year. Oddly, I wasn't even the one who initiated it. The day after Thanksgiving I was bombarded with demands to begin non stop Christmas music, and I was more than happy to oblige. Thanks to a well stocked Ipod, a non stop Christmas station on Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 2, which is also being pumped through our phone/hold system), and various accounts with online music stations (Yahoo, mostly), you can't walk anywhere in this building without hearing sounds of yuletide and good cheer. I also came across another article on CNN (found here) which further justifies the fact that we are not the only people crazy for Christmas.

Only 12 shopping days left... good luck!!

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December 03, 2006

The Sounds Of Cycle

Just in time for the holidays, check out this link. (Thanks to Joe for finding it.) Just press the play button in the middle of the page and take a listen... it's an audio clip from the Nutcracker played entirely on bicycle parts!


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