September 27, 2007

Snapshot: Kid Nation

A quick snapshot into what is happening in my life at this very moment:

Currently I am watching an online episode of last nights Kid Nation. "Why am I watching this," I think to myself.

I get really annoyed by kids who think they are adults. Now they have and entire show that requires children to act like adults. Still, I am watching this show.

I watched this show last week, and I got annoyed. I watched the full hour, and made faces and sighed at the ridiculousness. It is now on its second episode and still, I am watching this show.

Then there is the tough kid. The oldest one in the group. He knows everything, and to him everyone else in the town are simply 'kids'. "They are so immature" he thinks to himself. Meanwhile, this is the same kid who is wearing a ski hat in the middle of the desert. Even still, I am watching this show.

They just chopped a chickens head off. This is children of the corn. Some of them are smiling, others are crying. The fifteen year old kid thinks he knows how to prepare a chicken. These kids will all die from a horrible bacteria. Why, oh why, do I continue to watch this show.

There is one kid, who is just really weird. I can't say he's weird, though, because he's just a kid. I like to mock reality TV, and I can't mock this without feeling horrible. But the kid... he's just... he's... ... I need to stop watching this show.

One of the 'Town Council' kids, who decides each week who wins a $20,000 gold star, just made a comment about the fifteen year old kid: "Ever since the first gold star was awarded, (fifteen year old kid) seems to be working a lot harder, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's just because he wants the gold star." Let me put your mind at ease, town council kid--> DUH! I hope that answers your question.

I feel ashamed that I'm still watching this.

Now I see everyone is bundled up. When did it become winter...

What'dya know, the town council kid, who is threatened by the fifteen year old kid, doesn't want to give him the gold star. Golly, didn't see that one coming!

Why is the host an adult? It kind of ruins it. They should have hired Haley Joel whatever his face is. Or at least Gary Coleman or something.

Fifteen year old did not win the gold star... boo hoo. Instead some other kid won it. When asked what he'll do with the money, he said "I think my parents deserve it." Seriously, need I comment further on this one?

Oh no... fifteen year old is angry because he didn't win the star. He's "gonna do something about it." What are you 'gonna do' kid, beat up that 8 year old? Maybe you'll fill their sleeping bags with dirt? Oh, I know, why don't you go pee pee in their water bottle.

The show is over, and I just want you to know that if anyone actually read all of this, you're just as lame as I am for watching it.

PS - check back next week, I'll tell you what the fifteen year old did for revenge!!


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September 25, 2007

Oh No They Didn't

As if we needed more proof that the New York Yankees are light in their loafers...

Yankees In Costumes

Maybe if you guys spent more time playing baseball and less time dressing like women and animals, you might actually be a worthwhile opponent.

Go Sox!

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September 18, 2007

Virtual Re-exercise

After two years of suffering through the dank, dirty, YMCA (no offense, it's a great organization!...) we (me, and the always pink Chris) finally dropped it and signed up at a brand new gym here in town. It is new, it is clean, it is bright... it is modern! Not only do the treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes have their own TV's with full on cable, but the bike's actually have an option to ride on a virtual track. It was so much fun! I felt more of a workout in 5 minutes on the bike than I did for 30 minutes on the elliptical. Not only that, but I actually feel addicted to it! All this time I had been forcing myself through boring old exercise routines... but now, I have finally found an exercise that is 100% built for my best interest.

First Wii boxing, now this! I'll be melting the pounds away!

Check out this article, he seems to be using the exact one I was on today, if not pretty close...

Virtual Reality Exercise


UPDATE: I took note of the actual bike I've been using. You can check it out by clicking here

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September 03, 2007

Goshen Fair

Oops! For the first time ever I didn't post for a whole month. I managed to write at least once in every month I've had the Poopdeck, and I finally dropped the ball in August. It will not happen again, though... I doubt I'll ever have as busy a summer as I did this year.

In any event, I do have some photos from the Goshen Fair. I went there planning to eat and eat and eat until I couldn't eat anymore, but unfortunately for me no one else felt the same way so I lost motivation. However, once we met up with Rich, I finally found a worthy opponent... but still, overall, it was a somewhat disappointing food contest this year.

The menu this year:

Turkey Leg (Jed)
Giant Soft Taco (Jed & Rich)
$1 Milkshake (Jed & Rich)
Buffalo Wings (Jed & Rich)
Kielbasa (Rich)
Light Beer (Jed, Rich, Aron, Rick)
Deep Fried Oreos (Aron & Karen)
Fried Veggies (Carrie & Carl)
Lemonade (Carrie & Carl)
Root Beer Float (Carl)

So, as you can see, not the most impressive menu... they didn't have the deep fried pbj I was craving since last year either, so that was sad. I wanted to keep going, but the wings were a bit 'off' and Rich started feeling a bit rumbly in the tumbly, so we decided to quit. The hot sun wasn't helping things, either.

Anyway, we only took a few pics, but they're posted here if you want to take a look.


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