November 19, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

I recently picked up Super Mario Galaxy, which is one of those games I have been waiting and waiting for for the Wii.

The Mario Franchise has always been my absolute favorite. Even back on simple old regular Nintendo, the Mario games were the ones that I could never put down. I remember being proud that I beat Super Mario 3 in like... a week, or something ridiculous. That said, whenever a new Super Mario game comes out, I must have it immediately.

Now, as much as I love Super Mario, I will admit that the last version for Gamecube, Super Mario Sunshine, was not really all that great. It was Mario, so it was fun... but it was just a bit too different for my liking. It seemed like it was trying just a bit too hard... and what was up with painting everything? Weird.

Anyway, I was kind of expecting more of the same with Mario Galaxy. When I first turned it on, I was almost immediately confused (I didn't read the directions though). However, within just a few short minutes, it was easy to get the hang of it. One thing about the Wii, you can do so many cool things so easily... there aren't a zillion buttons, and you don't have to learn a thousand different button combinations... it's really a lot of fun.

So anyway, I was playing Super Mario Galaxy until about 1 a.m. last night, which means the hook has attached itself and I am now addicted. It's absolutely crazy, there isn't really any other word to describe it. Walking upside down, flying through galaxies, spinning and pointing and flipping... it's nuts. I have to get used to walking off an edge, because every previous Mario game that meant death. However, with zero gravity, you just flip to the other side... so strange.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun, so I am very pleased with it. As I said, I was a bit nervous because Mario Sunshine was just sub par, but if you like Mario games like I do, I suggest giving Super Mario Galaxy a try.


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November 01, 2007

Movie Almighty

I admit, I enjoyed Bruce Almighty. So, I decided to Netflix Evan Almighty, seeing as I thoroughly enjoy Steve Carell. I thought it was a great concept for a movie.

Bruce Almighty = Great Concept

Even Almighty = Horrible Execution

This movie is so unfortunately horrible. Steve Carell is such a genius, it's a sad sight to see him in such a horrible interpretation of a somewhat executable idea. So bad, that I am writing this as the 'climax' of the film is happening. Literally, it's going on in the background and I really don't care that I'm paying no attention.


This movie is so bad, I think I'll go watch Kid Nation.


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