December 16, 2007

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

I love Christmas music. It might be because I like to sing along with songs, but I am horrible at remembering lyrics... but with Christmas music, it's very easy.

Every year I like to get one new Christmas Album. It's usually not something I search for, it's most often a complete accident, but every year I've found an album that I really like. This year I think I have stumbled upon something a little more significant, though.

I keep hearing Ray Charles on the Sirius Holiday station. They play a couple of his songs, but I had never really listened to them before. This year, I decided to get the Ray Charles Christmas Album, The Spirit of Christmas. I have never been a huge fan of Ray Charles, though I have never really disliked him either. I guess I have always sort of ignored him. However, with that said, he plays a version of The Little Drummer Boy that probably ranks as one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. (Number one is still Rowlf the Dog and John Denver. You can find the rest of my somewhat outdated list here.)

Anyway, I don't claim to be a huge music buff, but I definitely know what I like, and I certainly know when music hits me in a profound way. Hearing that song led me to search through some old LP's that have been handed down to me from my grandparents and my parents, and sure enough I found some Ray Charles. I just so happened to have a record player setup and ready to go, so I popped it on and just listened to it.

I had a conversation with someone once, where I stated that I always felt I was supposed to be alive during the 50's and 60's. Listening to Ray Charles further justifies that. The music that artists from that era created was, and is, in a completely different ballpark than what goes on in the Spears/Timberlake world of today. They played music from their hearts, not from their wallets. You can hear it in Ray Charles' voice, clear as day... his voice is expressing more than just lyrics and noise, he's actually telling you how he feels.

So, check out The Little Drummer Boy by Ray Charles (from this album). Maybe it's just me, but there's just something about it, and about Ray Charles, that has most definitely caught my attention.


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December 14, 2007

Return Of The Fat Club

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. This year, I was happy to realize another tradition that I can look forward to.... eating like a pig.

Last May, Karen and I were married in Vegas. The vast quantity of buffet's launched an incredible comeback by my stomach to not only regain all of the lost weight from last years fat club, but I have a feeling I may have exceeded my previous all time high.

And I'm loving every minute of it.

So, a few points to make here:

1) December has now become the month of guilt free eating. I refuse to feel guilty for eating a piece of chocolate, or for having a second cookie. I will eat American size portions, and finish every last bite. Sometimes I will have dessert for dinner, and for dessert I will have more dessert, followed by third dessert. I will stuff my face with every last bite of a good sandwich, and I will load up on round three at the buffet. December is a beautiful month indeed.

2) The only way I can enjoy guilt free December is by starting up the Jedlebrity Fat Club every January. So, this January 2nd, all eating habits will change. Last year I was personally happy with my results, having lost over 20 lbs. I was also happy to see that all of our participants stuck to a routine and shed a good amount of weight. I think overall it was successful, and with the knowledge that we have done it once makes me confident that we can do it again.

This year, one thing will be a bit different in the Jedlebrity Fat Club. This time, there will be a $100 cash prize to the winner. The winner, like last time, will be the one who lost the largest percentage of weight (which is NOT the same as number of pounds). This helps those who might not have as much to lose to stay competitive, so don't be discouraged (just look at Beckie who won last year). Fatty's like me, however, will need to lose a bit more than just a few pounds if we want to stay close to the leaders, so it could go either way.

So then, the next step is signing up. If you wish to participate in this years Jedlebrity Fat Club, please leave a message in the comments, give me a phone call, or email me, and I'll add you to the list. If you do plan to join, than enjoy the holidays, because we've got a lot of work ahead of us!


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December 04, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

We had our first measurable snowstorm late Sunday into Monday (which turned to ice somewhere in the middle) which, for me, is the first trigger that we're in the holiday season. Sure, we put up the tree at work awhile ago, as we did at home, but it's always the first snow that reminds me it's Christmas.

This also reminds me to share that the Christmas Music-a-thon has been running smoothly ever since Black Friday¹. Much like last year, I was surprised to find out that I didn't even need to enforce it this year. In fact, I will admit, it had almost slipped my mind... that is until I walked into work the day after Thanksgiving to hear Christmas music blaring and a very clear reminder that 'it's that time of year again'. I was actually yelled at because I was listening to Howard Stern in my office, even though I can very clearly hear the music from the front office next door. So, if anyone was wondering, the tradition continues, and will do so until our final business day before Christmas which happens to be Saturday, December 22, this year.

Well anyway, the months are moving fast, so for those who are still in denial, there are only twenty shopping days left until Christmas 2007. (That means about fifteen days until I start to do mine.)


¹I was enlightened this year when I found out why it is actually called Black Friday. I had always assumed it was just a name to sum up millions of shoppers in what would be a terrible day trying to grab deals and fighting off crowds. I never knew there was an actual meaning behind it... I found out that the name Black Friday actually refers to sales and gross profit for retail stores. Apparently, retail stores are often in the 'red', meaning they are below a profit level for the year, until the day after Thanksgiving when their sales exceed their spending and losses, and they go into the 'black' which means they become profitable.

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