May 28, 2008

What Happens In Vegas...

Our first anniversary, what better way to celebrate than going back to where it all began. This time around we had a lot of time to explore, relax, eat, drink and be merry.

We did most of that, except relax, as this time around we walked the strip up and down numerous times, and made it into just about every casino on the strip to take it all in.

No use blabbering about it though, instead take a look at some photos which I uploaded to flicker.

When I have a bit more time, I may pull some of my favorites and post them here. We saw a lot of cool stuff this time around, and really got to experience a lot of what Vegas has to offer.

Until then, I need to catch up on some sleep!


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May 13, 2008

Perfect Match

For anyone who still watches American Idol, the following picture is a dead on comparison:

David Archuleta Munster

While I'm on the subject, those who know me are already aware that I am a reality TV junky. While I do have my limits (I don't watch the Bachelor, or Dancing with the Stars, or the Hills, or any of that crap.. I mostly just watch the ones that have been around for a long time) I do still pay attention to American Idol, even though I have very little, to no, interest in it. That said, I am really not a fan of any of the people left, and actually find them all pretty annoying.

Syesha can sing, sure... but she has that very fake personality that you know is just for show. I can see her backstage being a real diva, very cocky and arrogant, therefore she bothers me.

The same with David Cook... he comes across as such a cocky jerk that I just plain old dislike him. I'm also not a fan of his voice, which doesn't help.

Then there's David Archuleta/Eddie Munster. Simon said that he once sounded like a theme park singer, and I think that's exactly right. Now when I hear him, all I can think of is him performing with a bunch of theme park characters and acting cheesy. He is certainly designed for the role of American Idol... little girls will buy his album and go see him in concert...

But these are the reasons why I realized this show is just pointless. Whoever wins, it doesn't matter, because I'm not going to listen to that garbage when it's not in competitive TV form. The only reason I like to watch is because I desperately hope they mess up... which they have this year a few times.

Not only all of that, but even with DVR and the ability to fast forward through most of it, the shows are just WAY too long. I don't even like watching hour long shows lately, so when American Idol was 2 hours week after week it was torture.

Oh well, some new shows are coming back which will make up for it. Last Comic Standing starts next week... and then the return of The Mole on June 2, which is just a great concept for a show. In fact, season 1 (of the 1 and a half seasons that actually aired) had what is probably my favorite final episode of reality TV history. For those who watched, remember the hotel room.. one was dark, one had a bike and some other things, and the third had a safe and some other things... and they all connected with each other somehow (the bike powered the lights in the dark room, etc) but none of them knew what to do. It was great. I'm not sure if Anderson Cooper is coming back to host, but I hope he does because he's made for the role.*

Wow, get me started on reality TV and I don't know when to stop! But, at least the Poopdeck is getting updated more regularly!


* Turns out Anderson Cooper is not hosting. Instead, this dude is.

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May 12, 2008

How Japanese

I had heard of these before, but never saw one until this weekend. This was taken in the Minneapolis airport in Minnesota. I had a couple hours between flights on my way to Denver, and while I was exploring I found an iPod vending machine.

ipod vending machine

I watched a guy really contemplate buying one, and for some reason I was desperately hoping he would. After a few minutes of deliberation, he talked himself out of it and walked away empty handed.

Yeah, I was bored.


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May 06, 2008

What A Week

This week has been a dream come true. Not only has one of my all time favorite video game titles come out, but TWO of them... in the same week!!

Mario Kart Wii

Grand Theft Auto 4

My quick review of both: Amazing.

First of all, Mario Kart is the all time leader in games to play with friends. The best part though, it's equally as fun to play alone (since Karen never plays me, I have gotten used to this. However, the Wii has online capabilities, so that solves that.) The Wii wheel turned me off at first, I thought it was more gimmicky and less helpful. I was pleasantly surprised though in how much it actually helps, and you can't overlook the fact that it really adds a third dimension to the game (or a fourth dimension? It adds another dimension, how about that). I am very happy with the game, especially compared to Double Dash... which was fun, but just didn't have the heart. Mario Kart Wii definitely stepped it up and certainly lived up to it's expectations.

Now, Grand Theft Auto. I have an analogy I use for this game, along with Mario Kart. Mario Kart is like that comfort food... the food mom always made that had a very distinct taste and flavor that no one else could match. No matter what, it was good, you always looked forward to it, and it would never disappoint. Grand Theft Auto, on the other hand, is like the really expensive meal you go to once in a great while... that one time you decide to splurge and spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive food and drinks. It's excellent in a different kind of know you're going to get quality, and you savor every second of it because who knows when it'll come around again.

Having said that, Grand Theft Auto IV is like eating lobster stuffed with Kobe beef, with a bottle of really expensive champagne and a salad topped with white truffles. And that's just the appetizer.

Keeping many of the same attributes from past games, GTA4 did a great job of adding even more detail and cleaning up some of the glitchy spots from earlier versions. For one thing, the pedestrians are way more involved, from their interaction with you to their interaction with each other. At one point, I stole a car which angered the driver. He chased me, grabbed on to the door, and held on as I drove down the road. I took a corner, the door flew open, he smashed into a light post and finally fell off. There are tons of minor additions to the details such as this that makes you feel as if this place is real. The graphics are smooth, the map is huge... the game is probably the best I have ever played.

Clearly I could go on and on, but I will stop myself for now. I guess my point though, is the reason I like Nintendo is for Mario Kart, and the reason I like Xbox is GTA. Having both been released just two days apart, I have been in a video game heaven and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight! (Sorry Karen)


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May 05, 2008

Say Goodbye

The (I thought this happened already) death of an era...

Goodbye, Polaroid

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