September 09, 2008

Goshen Fair Round 2

It's September, which means Labor Day. More importantly, Labor Day means Goshen Fair. I had never really been a Goshen Fair fan, or a fan of fairs in general, but having been to a couple the past few years I've grown a new respect for them, or more specifically for their food.

If you recall, last years fair brought the beginning of a new tradition. It's not a contest, or a game, or anything really.... it's simply 'go the the Goshen Fair and eat as much as you possibly can.' I was happy with last years results, but I thought I could do better. Unfortunately, I don't think I did it justice this year, and I quit after only a few delicious displays of gluttony. I was on my own this year too, so the motivating factor wasn't quite there. Take a look below!

I started with the extra long corn dog. It was extra tasty:

Extra Long Corn Dog

I moved onto the giant soft taco. It wasn't all that giant.. unless you're counting taste! (Boo):

Giant Soft Taco

The pulled pork sandwich was the best. I could have eaten more, but they were $7 each. One was fine:

Pulled Pork

I was doing fine until the root beer float. I thought this would be an easy one, but turns out it was what did me in. After the float I felt very stuffed and wonderfully ill, and I had no choice but to quit:

Root Beer Floats

So there you have it. Hopefully next year I'll plan a little better by not eating breakfast, and avoiding the root beer float!

Check out more Goshen Fair pictures, as well as Emma's third birthday party, at my flickr site.


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