I Feel Sick

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It started out ok, he seemed to be quite happy.
Hi, I'm Chuck

At first, it appeared to be no problem.
Hmm, what's on TV

"I'm ready, let me just unwrap the casing!"
Tra la la

Just a little sip of beer to coat the stomach, and...
Why did I buy strawberry beer?

Tastes like chicken!

Wow that bite was huge!
...burning chicken

"I'll take another bite before I finish this one!"
Mouth full o' log

"Ugh, that might have been bad."
Maybe beer will help

Uh, Chuck, that was strawberry flavored beer.
That wasn't very pleasant

This happened in two consecutive bites, no break in between.

Hey Chuck, I have mustard!

"Mmmmm, mustard will make this easier..."
Why are you doing this to yourself

'If I pull the skin back I can eat more!"
This is getting nastier


"I don't feel so good."
My stomach is angry with me

You're scaring the cat!!
Get your log away from my kitty

Doesn't get any more Phallic than this...
heh heh heh

You look like you're enjoying that too much.
Dude... wrong

This is getting ri-niculous cage.
Pure fat = pure sick

"Seriously, why am I doing this."
If you're gonna puke, do it somewhere outside

"I will not be defeated!!!"
Victory will be mine!

Shove it in!!

Don't do it man, it's not worth it!!
You are so gonna die

Your stinky, farting, bloated keester is not sleeping here... sicko
Yup, you died

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I want to vomit