The "Chiller Challenge" as it has come to be known, started during the last week of September, 2003.

The challenge contains only one rule: wear shorts for as long as possible into the autumn/winter season.
Whoever is the first to come into work wearing long pants is the loser, giving bragging rights to the other contestant, as well as being branded the "Litco Pansy."

Starting in early October, temperatures already lowered to the freezing point (32°F) overnight, so mornings can be quite
difficult to handle. Conditions at work are generally heated, but our job does call for venturing outside, or to the warehouse on a regular basis, which can generally be 10° lower than outside temps (due to sheet metal stock, no insulation, etc)

Temperatures are measured every work day (Mon-Fri from 8a.m.-5p.m., and every other Sat from 7a.m.-12p.m.) at three different points during the day: 8-9a.m., 12p.m., and 4-5p.m.

This years challenge consists of only two contestants; two people who are in constant competetion- from trail running, to rubber band wars, to name calling:

Jay "I'm A Princess" Pilbin


Jed "The Only Pants You're Gonna See Will
Be Warming Your Chicken Legs...Yes Jay, I Am Talking To You...Sally"

The temperatures are cold, and the challenge is harsh, but I will prevail....

I WILL be this years champion!

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