Ready... FIGHT!

Super Smashy Brothers Melee!

Challenge Melee


No Laundry Between: 1/7 - 1/25
Praised Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, or Richard Gere Today: Yes
No Gas In The Car Since: Car? I have no car... sucker!
Number Of Visits Home: 4/4
Number Of Chores Completed At Home: 4
Haiku's Written: 14
Secret Challenge Acknowledged: Yes
No Forks Since: Fork? I'm sorry, what is a 'fork'? son of a...
   -Forkless Dare 1 (Spaghetti): Complete!
   -Forkless Dare 2 (Salad): Complete!


·The fork challenge was easy, right?
·What's the square root of 144?

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Your monkey-like hairiness frightens me, bring me back to the ship!