Ready... FIGHT!


The "Challenge Melee", as it has come to be known, started in early January of 2004. As boredom began to seep into my brain during my final 3 weeks in Connecticut, the idea of punishing myself was almost a given, thus a new challenge was born.

The idea is simple: discover a series of undemanding tasks which will slightly alter my everyday life. The more ideas that build up, the more difficult the challenge becomes, thus the quicker I drive myself insane. In this challenge, my only enemy is myself, while the only thing keeping me sane is my sanity. (wait, what?)

This challenge consists of one competitor:

Jed "I am way too bored" Scattergood

So far, this challenge includes the following requirements:

1) No forks (including 2 forkless sub-challenges) for 3 weeks
2) I cannot do laundry until Jan 25th
3) I will fill my car with gas on Sunday, January 11th, and must not fill again until the 28th
4) I must praise, on a daily basis, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, and Kevin Costner for their wonderful theatric performances
5) Visit home at least 4 times before January 28th
6) Complete a series of chores given to me by my mother
7) Write a hiaku everyday
8) **secret**

This challenge will be... interesting... but the goal is to keep me from being bored. The scheduled ending date will the moment I complete the tasks, either by their scheduled date, or by the end of the alloted time. Good luck, uh... me... I'm gonna need it!

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