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Log-O-Licious January 20, 2004
I dared him, and he did it. Relive the horrible memories of Chuck and his magnificant Beef Log.
February 14, 2004
Alex took me to a Seattle Sonics basketball game. They played the Toronto Raptors, and I saw my favorite player, Vince Carter. It was a swell time!
From the key...
Puck This February 23, 2004
Upon Karen's arrival to Seattle, we all headed back to Key Arena for some more sports entertainment. This time, it was Ice Hockey (and not the NHL stupid cancelled league, these were guys who just wanted to play)
March 4, 2004
We had a lot of fun in San Francisco, and I took a lot of pictures. This is also the first set of pictures put online using photoshop for easy navigation. Hooray!
Where's My Heart?
One Click Wonder March 4, 2004
While we were on our excursion to the Golden State, we (I) took many self portraits. If you're REALLY bored, take another look!

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