Shomebody Shave Me


The "Shave Challenge", as it has come to be known, started in mid November, 2003. As laziness began to override cleanliness, the idea of not shaving was almost a given, thus a new challenge was born.

The rules are simple: don't shave! One minor exception is accepted, however, as shaving of the neck area is allowed. Those who grow facial hair know that this is one of the worst places for hair to grow, causing the most uncomfortable itchy sensation that, no matter how hard you scratch, does not go away. Also, in order to give ourselves a fair chance at looking moderately normal for work (or any other formal or semi-formal situations) this minor trimming is allowed. Otherwise, the head and the rest of the face cannot be touched under any circumstance.

This challenge consits of three contenders:

Chase "I Hope My Beard Is Green" Taylor,

Joe "I Also Have Green Hair" Doherty


Jed "Don't Mess With Me Or The Cat Will Kill You" Scattergood.

Much like the last challenge, it will not be easy. The goal of Christmas 2003 has been set, and if we all make it, we're all winners. Good luck Chase and Joe!

(You're gonna need it... MWA HA HA HA)

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